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Latest News

Runway expansion for South East England may further delay!

After the dramatic turn outs that which will be the best option to construct a new runway for South East of England; either its Heathrow or Gatwick for maintaining the country status as an international hub for aviation. The news … Continue reading

Addis Ababa Tourism

Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia has a fascinating and ancient history dating back about 3000 years ago. Addis Ababa is the fifth highest capital in the world with a population of more than two million people and is … Continue reading

FlyAfrica introduce its double daily flight service on Johannesburg-Harare route

FlyAfrica, which is the low cost airline service of Zimbabwe will expands its daily flight service between Harare and Johannesburg to double daily flight per day from the end of March 2015. The news became more awesome when the company … Continue reading

The Most Thrilling Snorkeling Spots For 2015

There are many islands around the world which are famous for its unlimited adventurous activities. Probably you have visited some of them, but finding more elegant and attractive beaches or islands never became ends for travel lovers, where they can … Continue reading

Peruvian Culture- A Guide to Cultural Heritage, Customs and Etiquette of Peru

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Peru is one of the best tourism gateway of South America. While the country has a rich, diverse and historical culture; from Inca civilization to Spanish colonial regime. With a mixture of ancient … Continue reading

Cebu Attractions, Philippines

Cebu, which is an island province of Philippines has a vast collection of attractions all around from its cultural heritage sites to luxurious beaches. Dazzling exploration opportunities in this city and its surroundings has in fact no limits. Its natural … Continue reading

Uganda Culture & Customs

Uganda which is a homeland of around 34.5 million inhabitants, obtains a diverse culture due to its large numbers of ethnic groups. It can be well seen through the variety of languages which are spoken in this country with English … Continue reading

Emirates will operate daily flights to Bali from June, 2015

Emirates, the flag carrier airline for United Arab Emirates has announced to launch its daily non-stop services of flight  to Bali, Indonesia from 3rd June, 2015. While the flights will be operated through Boeing B777-300ER which is composed into two classes. … Continue reading

Mind-Blowing Destinations for Family Travel 2015

Nowadays spending memorable holidays with your family at awesome sites of the world became a dream for any travel lover due to the fast-growing daily life activities, but still many people manage to give time for visiting any spectacular spot … Continue reading

Zambia’s Top Safari Lodges

Zambia which is a land of unrivalled safari destinations, offers a variety of best safari lodges and camping accommodations at different but amazing travelling spots. Either it is Lower Zambezi region, attractive Luangwa Valley or the stunning Victoria Falls, you … Continue reading

Join the Victoria Falls Marathon, 2015

In the upcoming winters, Victoria Falls will be again a home to enthusiastic marathon race. This annual race event will start on June 28, 2015 and there will be many athletes from different regions of the world who will participate … Continue reading

Mouth-Watering Cuisine of Peru

Peru, which is among one of the oldest South American countries has an astonishing cultural history with marvellous travelling destinations to visit like Machu Picchu, Cuzco, ancient valleys and the attractive buildings and structures which was built in the colonial … Continue reading

Qatar Airways will start its flights operations to Durban, South Africa in the upcoming December

Qatar Airways, the flag carrier airline for Qatar had announced to expand its flights operations to South Africa with launching its new route of Durban as well as increasing its flights to Cape Town by October 1st, 2015 from 5 … Continue reading

Best UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South America

Different regions across the world has its own significant identity in the terms of its history, cultural heritage, natural landscapes and glorious landmarks. While all of these things makes any place very important and interesting for everyone, and in this … Continue reading

5 reasons to visit Vancouver, Canada

The city of Vancouver which is a well-known destination as the most liveable city in the world and one of the top attraction in Canada, offers exciting and unlimited leisure’s to its visitors. The city holds majestic beauty and unrivalled … Continue reading

Welcome to the 16th Edition of HIFA Festival Harare

Harare will again host the mind-blowing Harare International Festival of Arts (HIFA) from April 28th to May 3rd, 2015. Spectacular themes of visual arts, fashion, music, comedy and dance with regional and international performances are ready to go at this … Continue reading

Explore the incredible architectural sites of Istanbul

Istanbul, the historical capital of the Ottoman Empire is among one of the stunning sites of the world. During the reign of Ottomans, Istanbul was an outstanding center for political, social and educational activities and in this context the development … Continue reading

Lusaka, the eye-opening city of Zambia

Famous for its shocking safari destinations and awe-inspiring hospitality, the city of Lusaka which is among one of the fast growing cities in the South African region promises some of fantastic touristic attractions for its visitors. The incredible city of … Continue reading

Reconnoitre Lima through its Unrivalled Travel Secrets

Lima which is the capital city of Peru has many exciting and unparalleled tourism features which you will never think to miss whenever you are in the amazing country of Peru. It is the second driest metropolis city of the … Continue reading

Luxurious Hotels for Your Upcoming Summer Holidays

For a moment, it might be seen as a normal thing that whenever you visit your favorite holiday destination then right on the spot you will choose where to stay for your accommodation. Its look like as simple as I … Continue reading

Ethiopian Airlines will began its flights to Tokyo in the upcoming April

Ethiopian Airlines, the flag-carrier airline for Ethiopia has finally announced its schedule about the direct flights service between Addis Ababa and Tokyo Narita International Airport which will start in the upcoming April, 2015.  Ethiopian Airlines service is the only Airline … Continue reading

Upcoming sports events in Australia

This year the dazzling Australia will host some of the significant and popular sports events of the world like Gold Coast car racing event, ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, AFC Asian Cup football tournament, Surfing and Marathon events with much … Continue reading

Top 5 Amazing Destinations For 2015

As the New Year starts, the travel lovers are coming with new ideas that which destination will get more popularity and attraction this year. With numerous suggestions about top travelling spots in 2015 which comes out at different travelling forums … Continue reading

Culture of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a rich cultural history from ancient times to modern era, but the important role which we find in Zimbabwe culture is the role of its ethnic diversity.  From Language differences to different kinds of traditional beliefs and from … Continue reading

Entebbe Hotels

Entebbe is a remarkable tourism destination with a gorgeous beauty and magical scenic views all around. Stunning sites and amazing travelling aspects like exploring the astonishing wildlife of Africa, breath-taking views of the sunset at Lack Victoria and experiencing one … Continue reading


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