5 things must to see in Entebbe

5 things must to see in Entebbe

Entebbe is a beautiful and remarkable town, located just 40 km from Kampala on the coast of Lack Victoria in Uganda. Entebbe is a fascinating place with natural environment all around where you can spend your travelling moment with a unique experience by watching stupendous landscapes, amazing wildlife, islands and lush-green surroundings. It will be pretty good for you to visit Entebbe and see its astonishing sites at the end of your trip to Uganda, because the inspirational tourism aspects which this destination has, is really an ideal place in the whole Uganda to view. There are many thing and entertainment offers in the magical town of Entebbe, but here we will discuss the significant 5 things must to see in Entebbe which will make your journey memorable.

Beaches of Lack Victoria

Entebbe is a splendid touristic spot because it has 80% of the beaches of the country across Entebbe-Kampala road. Especially at Lack Victoria you will find some of the finest beaches with luxurious resorts and hotels in which Imperial hotel & resort, Lido Beach, One Love beach is very popular and generally on weekends these beaches are fully crowded. Other beach resorts includes Anderita Beach hotel, Aero Beach, Lutembe Beach, Nabinyonya Resort Beach and many more. Swimming activity is risky in the lake but there are options of swimming in the luxurious pools of nearby resorts and hotels. One of the other important aspect that you should visit the lack Victoria is the opportunity to meet the hospitable and warm welcoming peoples of Entebbe and you can also watch their simple and traditional daily life activities.

Katereke Prison Ditch

It is a prominent landmark located on the outside of town and has a disturbing story because this was the prison where the prisoners was malnourished in the late 19th century during the reign of Ssekabaka Kalema. To explore the Buganda history and from traditional architecture point of view this site has a lot of offers for you and surely by visiting this place your trip to Entebbe will become sensational.

Entebbe Botanical Garden

If you want to visit the only botanical garden of Uganda, then Entebbe is the right place for your scheduled trip. Entebbe Botanical Garden was founded in 1901 and is located 34 km away from the capital city of Kampala. The botanical diversity is awesome at this outstanding place with numerous bird species and native forest and for bird-watchers this site is stunning.

Buganda Parliament

Anyone who wants to explore the cultural, social and economic life of Buganda then this is the best place to visit. In fact from every aspect this building has a great value for the kingdom of Buganda as well as for their peoples. So if you miss to visit this splendid spot then your trip to Uganda will be incomplete. The Buganda Parliament is located on the Kabakanjagala Road, Kampala, Uganda and is quite near from Entebbe.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center

It is among one of the best wildlife education centers in Africa, either you want to see that how animals talk, eat and play or you are excited to watch the unrivalled collection of different animals and species at just one place. UWEC was established in 1952 to take care of Orphan animals, and later on it became a traditional zoo attracting thousands of tourists from all around the world.