Accra Beaches

Accra Beaches

Accra is among one of the fast growing economy of Africa and is the capital city of Ghana with a population of above 2 million. When we talk about its natural landscapes, cultural heritage history, political struggle, or geographical position, then we see that all these things has an immense vital role in attracting the attentions of not only other African countries but as well as countries from other Continents. Along with many other aspects this city has a tremendous tourism treasures all around and is one of the most exciting regions. Where Accra contributes a lot towards cultural heritage from ancient times to modern times, then at the same time city has some of the marvelous natural and historical landscapes like Kwame Nkrumah Park, Independence Square, and the adventurous heartbreaking Island beaches like Labadi, Sankofa, Bojo and Till’s beaches which attracts thousands of tourists every year and is an important touristic spot for the both locals and foreigners. And if you decided to have a trip to Accra then this will the best option and time for you to visit Accra beaches during your amazing and worthwhile tour.

Labadi Beach

Located on the long stretch of sand and sea while going on the road from Accra to Tema and is about 8 km from east of Accra, also known as La beach locally and has a splendid environment like pumping music, huge crowd especially on holidays, delicious cuisine smell, and adventurous events like international marathon running and walking. There is a beautiful view of sunset from here and after sunset, the nightlife entertainment begins with live music at nearby bars and restaurants. So when you do a plenty of enjoyment at Labadi then what next will come into your mind? , surely you will want some relaxation and for this purpose some of the renowned resorts at this beach are La Palm and Labadi Beach Hotel which provides you a comfortable and reputed service with a warm and hospitable welcome.

Bojo Beach

It will be a lovely experience for you to take a boat and cross the waterway between the mainland and ocean to reach this beach. Located to the west from Accra and is about 20 km from city is a fascinating beach full of luxury and exotic pleasures with many touristic and commercial facilities like hotels and restaurants but you will find maximum of these facilities on the mainland. This beach is the cleanest compare to other beaches in Accra, and again the sunset view from here will be an indelible memory for you and this will be one of the best time for your camera capture. The fresh waves from sea side and the white sand on the beach, makes the environment quiet pleasant and romantic.