Accra Family Travel

If you head to national capital along with your family, your best bet is the beach. Many water sports, fishing, beach activities and swimming can guarantee enjoyment for all the family. A drawback is that the presence of the many sellers and beggars, therefore keep an eye fixed on the youngsters. Additionally, the undertone will be terribly dangerous; several robust adults die every year within the African country surf. Swimmers ought to even be suggested that the beaches close to national capital square measure quite contaminated, with run-off, waste product and litter. It’s best to travel a minimum of Associate in nursing hour far from national capital to avoid this. There are number of airlines who offer cheap flights to Accra

There is a variety of beaches that you just will make a choice from, especially those placed between Accra and Cape Coast. Ada-Paradise Beach and La Pleasure Beach are two of the foremost well-liked beaches with lots of water sports and you’ll be able to conjointly fish. A lot of manicured beach tailored for the international tourist is adjoining Beach Resort.

If you prefer a surroundings less touched by “civilization” and a lot of natural, head to the Beaches of the Central Region, the beaches of the Western Region, Cocoloco Beach and Alaska Beach. If you like to get up-to-date with the locals and have a style of real Republic of Ghana, head to White Sands Resort, close to fishing and farming community.

If you wish your family to own a unique expertise of Ghana, strive one in all the numerous, several parks that will introduce you to the magic of Africa: Kakum park (a wildlife reserve with seven primate species, forty species of mammals and 250 species of birds. You get in the forest generally on rope bridges accompanied by guides); Aburi biology Gardens (you will dine and occupy their lodging facilities); Boabeng-Fiema Sanctuary (the home to Geoffrey’s multicoloured Columbus and Campbell’s Anglesea Island Monkeys); and Bui National Parks (here, antelopes and hippotamus reign).