Addis Ababa's Cultural Restaurants

Addis Ababa,s Cultural Restaurants

Every place has some specialties in traditions, costumes, food, festivals, weather etc. Similarly, Addis Ababa is a famous place to visit because of its historic nature sites and lots of special festivals. There are different cultural restaurants in the Addis Ababa where you can enjoy traditional food items of Ethiopia. If you are planning your travel to the Addis Ababa then do not forget to consider Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa from London offered by some airlines for your comfortable and expense free travel. Whenever someone visits a foreign country, he/she wishes to enjoy special food items of this place and in your case you should consider it. Different cultural restaurants are located in Addis Ababa from where you can enjoy tasty and yummy food items. Following are some famous cultural restaurants in Addis Ababa:

2000 Habesha Cultural Restaurant,

This cultural Restaurant is best place to observe Ethiopian culture because this restaurant was established to promote the culture of Ethiopia. It is located in one of the new accommodations of Addis Ababa, bole medhanialem near Atlas hotel contiguous to Bilo’s pastry. You can enjoy wide range of cultural cuisines with ancestral songs and dances from different nations.

Bata Restaurant and Bar

Bata restaurant and bar is positioned in the center of Bole in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is truly a masterpiece with perfect surrounding with eye catching statuettes and magnificent nature. You can experience finest Ethiopian cuisine and modern bar in the city with wonderful green landscape. It is well known place to relax because it has peaceful atmosphere for those who want a break from busy and hectic city. You can enjoy Kitfo, Gored gored, Chekna Tibes, Gomen Besiga, Tripa, Doro Wot, Doro Firfir, Lega Tibs, Awaze Tibs, Derek Tibs, Yebeg Wot etc.

Giordana’s / Capri Restaurant

It is located in the small side street of Djibouti near Pass Lion International Bank on the right side. It is well known restaurant where you can enjoy excellent pasta and different other Italian food items.

The Limetree

It is located on the Bole Rd adjacent to Boston Partners Building where you can enjoy delicious Ethiopian food items. You can get wide-ranging menu ranging from Arabic to Ethiopian cuisines, you can enjoy special coffee which is a bitter version of Ethiopian coffee and it appeals most of the visitors.

Liquid Lounge

It is situated at Nigist Towers close to international hotel at Kazanches. It is best hotel for the people who want to enjoy variety of cuisines and delicious lunches. You can enjoy burgers and sandwiches in the lunch times. In the day and night time you can take pleasure of casual patio lunch with outdoor BBQ and draft beer.