Addis Ababa Tourism

 Addis Ababa City

Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia has a fascinating and ancient history dating back about 3000 years ago. Addis Ababa is the fifth highest capital in the world with a population of more than two million people and is one of the fastest growing city of Africa. It is also known as Africa’s diplomatic capital. There are many amazing things to do in this city during your tour and you will find here one of the best welcoming and hospitable people. There are many fantastic sites to visit in Addis Ababa like archaeological and heritage centers, wild life of Africa, villages of different tribes and landscapes. If you are planning a trip to Addis Ababa then don’t forget Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa offered by us. The culture of Addis Ababa is unique and different as compared to the other cultures of the world and travelling to this marvelous city will be an amazing experience. Cuisine of Addis Ababa are very delicious and costs of travelling to this city are very cheap. Now we will suggest some of the interesting places to visit in this city during your tour.

Ethnological Museum

It is one of the finest museum in whole Africa. Located under the roof of Haile Selassie’s palace and now surrounded by the Addis Ababa University grounds. Here you can capture and explore the rich and ancient Ethiopian culture. It will be really helpful to you by visiting this site to understand the political, social and insight of the history of Ethiopia. During your visit to this museum you will find different stories at each floor of this museum.

Semen Mountains National Park

If you want to do some adventurous activities and photography then don’t miss to visit Semen Mountains National Park. There are many things to do here like climbing the peaks of Ras Dashen,   Imetgo and Kedadit mountains, see the endemic Gelada Baboon species and other wildlife, Castles of Gondar and so on.


Some of the finest valleys in southern region of Addis Ababa areOmo Valley and Rift Valley Lakes. The presence of different tribes and abundance of wildlife here attracts a lot of tourists every year. You will never forget the great landscapes of these valleys and by meeting different tribe’s like Arbore, Konso, Bena and Tsemay will make your trip memorable. Normally climatic conditions are very hot and dry in these valleys during June to September, November to march and can be very wet in October, April and May.

National Museum

This museum is also known as Ethiopian National Museum and is located near to graduate school of Addis Ababa University. You must visit this site because this museum is the house of Ethiopians artistic treasures and see many of archaeological finds and one of them is the “Lucy” a fossilized hominid estimated about 3.2 million old. This museum has a rich and ancient cultural heritage, so that’s will be a great opportunity for you to explore these astonishing treasures.