Adventurous things to do in Nepal

Adventurous things to do in Nepal

Among the most dazzling and beautiful countries of the world, Nepal is a fascinating travel story from the high peaks of Himalayas to the lowlands of rich culture, traditional heritage and hospitality. Along with some of the awesome travelling experiences which you will find in Nepal, one aspect is very important that this country is a perfect place for adventurous activities and of course Nepal with its capital city Kathmandu is a gateway for many of the finest attractions in the South Asia. So either you goes for ice-climbing, bungee jumping, climbing trekking peaks full of exhilaration or rock climbing, every activity has its own uniqueness and sensational feelings which makes your memories indelible. Dreams becomes reality for any hiker when he enters on the land of this amazing country and imaginations gets high when he see the splendors of Himalayas and the nature grandeur mountain of Mount Everest. If you are planning and willing for adventurous things to do in Nepal, then don’t forget to include our helpful guide about spectacular activities during your worthwhile trip in this country.


It is one of the best activity to do for the exploration of hidden tourism treasures in the region of Himalayas. There are a lot of options and offers by different tourism companies in Nepal for Canyoning, as there are plenty of gorgeous resorts along with some of the fabulous places in this region for this mind freshening experience. Canyoning includes sliding, jumping and climbing with canyon walls in downward direction along waterfalls is something very special not to be missed, while swimming in fast rivers after Canyoning is another example of thrilling entertainment.

Ice Climbing

With an honour of eight largest mountains of the world present in this region, along with many unclimbed and new routes offerings on the plenty of mountains gives you a great chance for climbing on glaciers, high altitudes and peaks. Sites like Langtang area, Naya kanga and Yala peak are good spots for introduction of climbing for new climbers. And in fact the conditions for climbing in Nepal are different from the other regions of the world with an ideal and splendid environment all around.

Langtang Trek

If you want to see one of the Nepal’s famous trekking spot in lush green environment? Then this is the right place for you to enjoy your journey in the shadows of lovely scenic views with beautiful wildlife all around. Located to the north of Kathmandu and is about 130 square kilometres from the capital city, and also has honour of Nepal’s first national park. Travelling and meeting with different tribal peoples around the park, gives you a new sense of hospitality and memories.