Amazing Shopping Experience at Doon Estate Harare

Amazing Shopping Experience at Doon Estate Harare

Every year lot of people pack-up and visit their booking agent to find their place on one of cheap flights to Harare to enjoy and chill out away from their busy corporate lives. Harare is such a wonderful place which gives you a very rare and unique holiday experience and that without putting extra burden on your finances.

African holidays in Harare are one of the cheapest options as economy flights to Harare are not very rare. Harare is very hospitable and modern city and knows about the preferences of foreign tourists. There are number of hotels and guest houses in the city that offer world class luxury accommodation at rates which is simply unthinkable in modern world.

Harare offers every kind of entertainment to tourists. Everyone can find an activity according to his/ her taste. For people who love to shop Doon Estate is a must visit place. This little shopping village is a whole universe in itself. Holiday makers with a passion for shopping visit Doon Estate searching for good quality souvenirs at amazingly cheap prices. This beautiful shopping complex has range of shops that exclusively sell Zimbabwe made stuff which includes handmade jewelry, furniture, fabric, arts & crafts, and sculptures. Choice of items from such a huge variety of is really a tough ask.

Some of the shops are at Doon Estate are special to mention. This includes Ros Byrne which sells beautiful handmade pottery and Kudhinda’s who are world famous for potato printed fabrics. Doon Estate is not only a shopping place rather it also has some of the restaurants that offer best food in town. In case you get tired wandering around Doon Estate you can always sit down, relax and have hot chocolate at Veldemeers chocolate shop.

Shopping and dining at Doon estate is really a lifelong experience which will not be overwritten easily. To have full exposure of this amazing shopping mall you will at least need whole day. Best option is to start in morning, spend day enjoying and shopping, and have a delicious dinner at some café before you drive back to your guest house.