American Landmarks

American Landmarks

Every country has its own unique landmarks, which shows the country overall significant history, identity, and cultural heritage. American Landmarks are among one of the best and fantastic landmarks of the world, and in fact US has a wealth of splendid landmarks. It is a story of cultural diversity, when you comes to United States of America and watch its variety of historical landmarks. Either you are visiting from coast to coast or travelling through the buzz of New York City or Washington D.C, this country offers you a lot of excitement and intriguing to fulfils your travel leisure’s. Some of the marvelous and great attractions in United States of America for tourists coming from all over the world are The Statue of Liberty, The Freedom Trail and Mount Rushmore, Golden Great Bridge, the amazing Hoover Dam, The National Mall of Washington D.C and much more. But wait for a while along with these astonishing American Landmarks, there are many other attracting aspects of the country like different cultures and their hospitality, tremendous geographical position, and luxurious beaches, resorts and world’s best hotels, and all these things makes this destination awesome for tourism activities. So you can enjoy your trip in true meanings with indelible memories by visiting some of the US beautiful landmarks during your worthwhile journey.

Independence Hall

Visit the Independence Hall, you will feel the historical moments of American Independence revolution as well as you can see the political struggle of American Nation, because this is also the same place where the Constitution of US was adopted. Located at the heart of Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and was built in 1753. It is a World Heritage Site and the building has undergone many restorations, finally with an interior restoration was decided in 1948 to give the building its original appearance for preservation of historical sites.

The Golden Great Bridge, San Francisco

The bridge was completed in 1937 and is a masterpiece of architecture, connecting San Francisco with Marin County. It is a wonderful place for photography, entertainment and viewing natural scenes all around from the bridge. This fabulous project was designed by Joseph Strauss and was completed with the struggle of thousands of workers with a budget of 35 million dollars at that time. The bridge is a symbol of wonder and outstanding achievement, and is used in media with great popularity either it is film, video games or cartoons. For everyone at every level, this bridge is a significant landmark throughout in the world.

National Mall, Washington D.C

Want to see a collection of American Landmarks at one place??? So this is the right place to visit where you will find some of the finest landmarks of US and explore everything about American history which you need and loves to do. Here you can see the wonderful variety of different exhibitions at the museums of Smithsonian Institution, feel the freshness of lush green environment of the gardens of National Park. Others attractive spots in Washington Mall are U.S Capitol Building, National Gallery of Art and National monuments.