Attraction of Harare Zimbabwe

Attraction of Harare Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s capital town of Harare has one thing for everybody – you simply have to be compelled to apprehend wherever to seem. The city centre does have its traveler attractions, however many of the must-see sights are in the suburbs or on the outskirts of capital of Zimbabwe. An automotive is the best thanks to get around, and currently that fuel is wide out there in garages much car easier than it was many years past.  Harare is a great place to travel, many airlines offer economy flights to Harare.


Literally translated as ‘The Red Rock’, this granite hill on the outskirts of capital of Zimbabwe could be a excellent spot to travel for sundowners. It’s an easy 15-minute walk to the highest – and not too strenuous that you just can’t take a picnic basket with you! If you’d choose to create a day of it, follow the hand painted arrows on the rocks to get to the rock paintings and caves, then meander slowly to the highest and view the read. Though it’s not too steep, the rock may be slippery thus walking shoes are a requirement.  For the a lot of daring, go up Ngomakurira (The Mountain of Drums), that is Domboshawa’s big brother, slightly more out of city. This takes regarding an hour to run up, reckoning on that route you are taking, and is far a lot of scenic. There’s a small lake at the top and a mini-forest growing out of the rock.

Doon Estate

Monkeys, hand-made pottery and Belgian chocolates … these square measure the hallmarks of Doon Estate. A mottley assortment of born-again railway workers’ homes is born-again into retailer’s commerce high-quality wares from native craftspeople. Highlights of the estate are: Kudhinda – that sells prime quality material product in signature colors and patterns; Ros Byrne – hand painted pottery teapots, plates and therefore the likes; and therefore the Cocoa Tree – a low and cake search that specializes in chocolates created in fine Belgian vogue. Because the Doon Estate is outside the town centre, monkeys are common guests, and that they have a preference for the sugar cubes from the low tables!


  • The National Archives
  • The Botanical Gardens
  • The Museum of Human Sciences
  • Ruwa Scuplture Gallery
  • Chiremba Balancing Rocks
  • National Heroes’ Acre
  • Africa Unity Square
  • The Book Café
  • Harare Gardens
  • The Town House