Best Places to Visit in Harare

Best Places to Visit in Harare

Harare, formerly known as Salisbury is the largest metropolitan city and capital of Zimbabwe with estimated population of two million. Harare is symbol of pride for Zimbabwe as it a main trade and learning center of the country. Harare has large number of attractions and tourist sites that compel large number of foreign tourists to take cheap flights to Harare and spend time in this marvelous city.

Harare has a wonder International Airport with one of longest runways in African continent. Tourism is a major source of revenue for Zimbabwe and Harare International Airport welcomes Harare flights from all of the world that bring large number of visitors to the city. Tourists never run out of options to enjoy and have fun in Harare. Our list of must see sights include

1. Wild Is Life Trust, The Animal Sanctuary

Wild is Life is a wildlife sanctuary of its own kind which serves as ahome, rehabilitation and rescue center for wildlife.Animal lovers have atrulyoutstanding personal experiences with wildlife orphans at this facility. Tourists are required to have prior booking and visits are allowed only in afternoons.

2. Kuimba Shiri Bird Sanctuary

This wonderful place is like a family park and has everything to offer for visitors of all ages alike. It is a dream place for weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties.

3. National Gallery Zimbabwe

National Gallery Zimbabwe is another must visit sight in Harare. Although, it is not one of the greatest national galleries but it offers lot of information and enjoyment to visitors. There is some very good collection of books about African art in this gallery. There are some wonderful traditional wood carvings and talismanson display alongside modern canvases which depicts transition of Zimbabwe from medieval to modern times. Art lovers will also find some very interesting sculptures and art pieces in National Gallery Zimbabwe.