Brisbane & Around – A Brief Travel Guide

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is known for its active lifestyle, sublime weather and world-famous gold and sunshine coasts, both hugely popular with surfers and tourists alike. Brisbane is rightly classified as surfer’s paradise and that’s the reason for surfing enthusiasts and tourists that they are always searching for affordable flights to Brisbane. Brisbane is the fastest-growing Australian city and is home to various World recognized festivals. The best time to plan Brisbane holidays is August-September as most of the festivals are held during this period. Many of famous festivals include pyrotechnic extravaganza of the River festival, the historic Ekka, and the Brisbane International Film Festival. For dining enthusiast’s city offers all types of food especially Asian and Greek with fantastic locations like Surfer’s Paradise Beach, Aquaduck and SkyPoint. The best way to reduce your travel hassles is to buy a suitable tourist package that include airport pick up, boarding, lodging, rent a car options and nearby hotel booking.