Burial Traditions of Lagos Nigeria

Burial Traditions of Lagos Nigeria

Like all other places, Nigeria has its own funeral ceremonies that faced changes due to modernization and conversion of people to Islam and Christianity but these traditions are still present with traditional flair. It is a common belief of Muslims and Christians that soul is released from the body after the death of person and the soul is judge by the God to take decision about sending of soul to the heaven or hell. Traditional tribes of Nigeria have belief that the soul of person comes back after death as the relative of his/her mother. They buried all died persons with appropriate ceremonies and rites to prevent come back of soul to haunt the living. It will be quite interesting to observe the traditions but you have to save your money on travel with the use of cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria.

Body Positioning

  • Muslims of Nigeria turn the face of body toward Makkah the holy city of Saudi Arabia while burying their body.
  • Some tribes of Nigeria bury their body with his head to the east so that the person can witness sunrise.
  • Women are buried with their face toward west so that they can easily prepare dinner for their husband in the afterlife after sunset.
  • People of Nigeria use black earth to cover the dead body because it is the belief of Nigerian people that the red earth can cause blemishes on the skin in the next life.

Dressing Attire

Attires of the burial usually based on the age of died person such as if the person has lived to the ripe age then the family members use specific colors to wear. Their dress is prepared with two colors and all family members including adults and kids wear this. Traditional clothes are preferred to wear during burial such as women use dyed cotton while men use agbada with wide sleeves, flowing ornamented robe decorated with embroidery. Dark and dull colors are used in the burying ceremony of a young person.


Services of burial usually structured on the basis of religion of deceased person. Usually lots of signing, prayers and praising with the use of poetry and eulogizing will be the part of this ceremony. Eastern Nigerian people focus on dance and music during funeral services because it is believed that it will help deceased person to have successful afterlife. Plentiful food is prepared by slaughtering goats and other animals during funeral. They believe that it is important for the family therefore they set aside enough money for all these celebrations.