Capital of Zimbabwe

Capital of Zimbabwe

Harare is one of those spots where travelers love to go because of their historical places and amazing attractions. We offered to facilitate all those travelers, who are interested to go to Harare this year to make their holidays amazing. Your stay at Harare will be really very colorful, but for this purpose, you have to consider all important places. Plan your schedule to visit every important place because a comprehensive schedule will help you to save your time and money. You should know about general attractions in Harare so that you can go to each and every place to have some beautiful memories of your visit.

Center of Harare

Lots of attractive places are located at the center of Harare so it will be really great to start your visit from the “African Unity Square, Anglican Cathedral, peaceful gardens of Harare and craft shops”. First Street Mall is a main attraction of Harare to view important spots of the city.

National Gallery and Museum

National Gallery can be perfect place for your visit, because it has special African art and Shona stone sculpture. Museum features a sculpture garden with stone pieces such as life size rhino. You can shop some available pieces from private galleries like “Matombo Gallery”.

Mbare Market

It is a colorful and frenzied spot located in the suburbs of Harare. It is largest, but noisiest market and from the city center, it will take almost ten minutes to reach on the southern outskirts. It is a crowded place therefore it is important for you to be aware of pickpockets. Different kinds of crafts like baskets, disguise, soapstone carvings, javelins and beads are available in the Mbare market. If you want to buy real gemstones, this is an accurate place for your shopping.

Mukuvisi Woodlands

Mukuvisi Woodlands located on the outer edges of the city where you can find lots of elephants. It is a perfect place to write plain games.

Top Gardens in Harare

Larvon Bird Gardens, Lake Chivero, Botanical Gardens and Heroes Acre are top gardens of Harare. Larvon Birds Garden has more than 180 species of different birds including eagles and vultures, flamingos and sacred ibis. Lake Chivero features a recreational park and great place to play games. Heroes Acre is a ground where ceremonial burial takes place. This ground is specific for 25,000 Zimbabweans who died during civil war leading to independence war in 1980.

Harare is an attractive place therefore you have to save some money to visit maximum places by your trip to Harare