Cebu Attractions, Philippines

Ayala Center mall, at Cebu Business Park in Cebu City.

Cebu, which is an island province of Philippines has a vast collection of attractions all around from its cultural heritage sites to luxurious beaches. Dazzling exploration opportunities in this city and its surroundings has in fact no limits. Its natural scenic views, colonial history, landmarks and hospitality will stamp indelible memories at your heart. Aside from the provincial capital city fast-growing commercial life, Cebu has enough tourism rewards and offers of amazing travelling experiences to its visitors. Among one of the best attractive site of the country, Cebu never disappoints anyone who visit this marvellous region. Are you looking to explore the fantastic Cebu attractions, Philippines which can make your trip full of luxury? Don’t be worried, just read out some of the spectacular sites of Cebu which will make your visit to Philippines unforgettable.

Mactan Island

Among one of the best islands of Philippines, Mactan Island which is quite near to Cebu Island and a part of Cebu Province provides a beautiful and thrilling environment for unrivalled adventurous activities. Water sports and dive options will be a perfect job for you at this startling island. While the beach resort and its luxurious spa is a next relaxing point for you, where you can spend your precious moments with your family or with your lover. Tourism diversity is fabulous at Mactan region as you can visit nearby Olango Island which is in the east direction to Mactan, where you will find almost the same travelling leisure as in Mactan. Your trip will not be complete if you miss to watch the cultural heritage at Lapu-Lapu City of Mactan Island, birds gathering at Olango and without eating the delicious seafood and traditional cuisine of this island.

Sports Complex at Cebu City

For sports lovers, Cebu City is an ideal place to visit due to its huge sports arena. The complex is a home to several major sports events like SEA Games, musical concerts and the country’s main celebrations; including official occasions. From here you can easily travel to the city commercial center where you can do shopping at one of the finest malls of the country. There are numerous restaurants and world-class hotels near to the complex where you can stay and enjoy your holidays with full entertainment during the nightlife of Cebu.

Fort San Pedro  

Whenever you come to the Philippines, you should visit the stupendous Fort San Pedro which is a significant landmark of the country representing the Spanish Colonial Era. It was initially built in 1565 according to some historians, but in 1738 the fort gains a great importance when it became the first Spanish settlement in Philippine. The triangular shape fort was used by the Spanish military for defence purposes to handle the foreign invasions and later at the end of 19th century the fort plays a prominent role as a base for Filipino revolution. Today it is a peaceful area which has beautiful gardens and a remarkable museum with a variety of Spanish artistic and weapons collection like paintings, sculptures, cannons and swords.