Culture of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Culture

Zimbabwe has a rich cultural history from ancient times to modern era, but the important role which we find in Zimbabwe culture is the role of its ethnic diversity.  From Language differences to different kinds of traditional beliefs and from colonization effects to political struggle, everything’s seems to be so diverse and attractive in this fantastic country. In this context you will see numerous theories, traditional values, etiquette, customs, variety of delicious cuisines and awesome hospitality in this amazing country whether you are attending an event in Zimbabwe or you are on your holidays or business trip. Let us share with you the important facts and information about the culture of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Cultural Groups

In Zimbabwe the Shona group is the largest ethnic group and 85% people of the country recognize themselves as Shona. While the Ndebele is the second largest ethnic group in the country and they are approximately 12% of the total population. While the other cultural groups includes; Tonga, Shangaan, Venda and many other smaller groups.


The significant spoken languages in the country are Shona and Ndebele, while the official language of the country is English but it is mainly spoken by some white and other minority groups. English is an influential language at official and administrative levels because the country has a colonial past and its effects can also be seen in some other aspects of daily life in Zimbabwe.

Art and Music

The people of Zimbabwe loves their traditional art, music and dance, and in fact all of these things are essential activities of life in Zimbabwean society. You will find numerous traditional dresses and a variety of jewellery and handicraft items in this country with many of spectacular landmarks, museums and theatre. While the Zimbabwe literature and poetry strongly reflects their local theme, cultural heritage and splendid history of the country.


Staple foods are the main food items in the country. Bota is a popular breakfast dish eaten in Zimbabwe and is prepared by mixing cornmeal with water and other flavoured ingredients like peanut, butter, milk etc. Some of the other popular dishes in Zimbabwe includes; Sadza which is also made from cornmeal, barbeque which includes meat of cow and goat, rice and a local dish of kapenta which is a dried fish food.


Main religion in Zimbabwe is Christianity and around 65% to 75%people recognise themselves as Christian, while the other people belongs to indigenous religions and ancient beliefs like in some other regions of Africa. But there is a common factor among the people of Zimbabwe from religious point of view, that the all peoples in the country who belongs to any religion have a strong and deep respect towards their ancestors.