Customs and Culture of Harare, Zimbabwe

Customs and Culture of Harare, Zimbabwe

Harare has rich ancient cultural history that faced some modifications by the influx of European settlers. Ancient people of Zimbabwe have great values for their history and ancestors as they worshiped their ancestors. These traditions still exist in Zimbabwe even the struggle for independence still has place in the modern economic world. It will be quite interesting to know about the customs and culture of Harare, Zimbabwe. Although different people have done considerable work on the customs and culture of Zimbabwe but still you have to visit Harare to closely observe everything. Do not worry about expense as flights to Harare Zimbabwe will solve your all travel problems.

National Symbols of Harare, Zimbabwe

Like all other countries, national flag of Zimbabwe is considered as national pride for the achievement of independence in 1980. Flag of Zimbabwe has green, yellow, red and black stripes. Green stripe represents plant life and natural resources. Yellow stripe represents minerals available within the border of Zimbabwe. Red stripe represents honor of bloodshed during independence struggle. Black stripe shows the majority of black people in the country. Flag has white triangle and a red star where white triangle shows peace while red star stands for goals of Zimbabwe. There is a bird on the flag of Zimbabwe that represents connection of Zimbabwe with its history.

Religion of Harare

People of Harare following religion of ancestor worship just like whole Zimbabwe. It is the belief of people that their ancestors will come back as powerful spirits that will increase their good harvests while angered ancestors can bring bad luck. There is a person who is known as n’anga who tells about angry spirits, the reasons of their anger and ways to appease the spirits. Although the people of Zimbabwe has turned into Christianity but this concept is still alive in Zimbabwe.

Family Life

Although men and women are equal according to the constitution of Zimbabwe but still law holds some gender biasness against women. Only black citizens are allowed for customary marriage that can include multiple wives and only death can end this process. Monogamous civil marriages are allowed to people of different races and this can only be end by death or divorce.

Makishi Dancers

Masked Makishi dancers are the part of ancient custom of Harare and it is strongly forbidden to ask the identity of the dancer behind the mask. The dancers represent the inherited spirits who attend Mukanda that is an important festival celebrated the changeover of infancy to adulthood from boys. Medicine man of village uses clay to cover the boys and led him outside the village to the katateveje. Boys stay outside the village to learn important duties and disciples of manhood. All these can be enjoyed after going to Harare and flights to Harare from London are available for your convenience.