Customs and Culture of Zimbabwe

Customs and Culture of Zimbabwe

Customs and culture of Zimbabwe faces major changes after colonial rule because West tried hard to overrun the traditional ways of Zimbabwe. You can still notice rich culture of Zimbabwe in some areas of this country but there are many places that combine both old and new traditions. Your visit to this country through Cheap flights to Harare from London will help you to notice this cultural change. Entry of Christians in Zimbabwe was the major reason of this change as these people brought their own culture, religious beliefs and festivals. Emergence of different beliefs and events was the reason of some noticeable changes in the customers and traditions of Zimbabwe.

History of Zimbabwe

Earliest tribes were the inhabitants of Zimbabwe and at this time this area was known as San or Bushmen. Second century A.D. is the time when their population started to decline after the arrival of Bantu tribes from north. Bantu tribes bring their agricultural and cattle drove practice with them. Shona tribe (migrated in 13th century) was the largest tribe and this tribe still exists in Zimbabwe. Zulu warriors who were arrived in 19th century are known as another offshoot of Bantu tribe. Zulu tribe is known as Ndebele now days.


Totems are one of the initial traditions of Zimbabwe and these were used for the identification of different kinfolks of Mashona tribe. Totems are really important because it ties strong hold among different clans even with the offspring of same clans with different tribes. Totem is the identity of all tribes and is granted to an individual on incestuous behavior.

Religion in Zimbabwe

44 percent population of Zimbabwe consists of Christians who are brought to Zimbabwe by European missionaries. Christianity is a largest practiced religion of Zimbabwe. Some Christians still have belief in spirits and witchcraft. Apostolic is a famous church that allows Christians to interpretation of traditional values and faith healings in Bible. Traditional beliefs are frequently followed in this area to honor ancestor spirits.

Mbira Music

Sacred music of Zimbabwe is used for different purposes in the culture of Zimbabwe. Mbira is played during different ceremonies like weddings, funerals and promotions. Whole night performance of Mibra music made these ceremonies more special. Mbira is considered as a way to talk spirits of ancestors, deceased chiefs and powerful guardians. Music is used to summon good spirits and chase away bad spirits. Cheap flights to Harare are planned to make your trip easy to these areas so do not forget to consider them for your expense saving.