Customs for Marriage and Kinship in Sanaa

Customs for Marriage and Kinship in Sanaa

Like all other areas, Sanaa has its own traditions and cultural norms regarding marriage and kinship. It will be quite interesting to know about unique traditions of Sanaa that may vary according to the religious norms. If you want to visit Sanaa to attend marriage of your relatives or you are interested to know the wedding customs of this area then it is important to book your flight but save money via Cheap Flights to Sanaa Yemen. You can increase the joy of your visit by knowing about customs and traditions of wedding ceremonies in Sanaa. Following details will prove valuable for you to learn wedding customs of Sanaa in advance:

Marriages are arranged by families where the relatives of female search bridegroom for their daughter. Parents of the bride and bridegroom take decision according to the rules of martial conventionality. Sometimes, father of girl asks about her wishes before the preparation of contract papers. Bride price called Maher is the responsibility of groom’s father to the family of bride and the family of bride takes this to help her in the times of hardship.

Parallel cousin marriage is considered ideal in Arab custom where daughter of uncle becomes bride. According to Islamic sharia, man can marry up to four wives with the condition of equal treatment for all wives. Almost half of the adult population is married, widowed are four percent while divorce rate is one percent. If divorce is given by the husband then he has to pay bride price to the ex-wife and the ex-wife can remarry after four months and ten days. During this period, it is the responsibility of ex-husband to support his ex-wife. According to the law, children till the age of seven years can live with mother and after that the decision will be taken by mutual understanding, court or with the consent of children.


Inheritance customs support primogeniture that prefer older brother and according to Sharia law, after the death of husband the mother take over one sixth of her husband’s estate and one-eighth goes to the widow of that person. Women can take half of her brother’s share but in case of no brother and sister she will get half property. Inherited properties specifically lands are managed and look after by male relatives of the woman.

These customs are practiced in Sanaa and in order to closely observe these customers, book your cheap flights to Sanaa and enjoy cheap and comfortable journey.