Death Valley – The Land of Extremes!

Death Valley is one of the most arid and extremely hottest place on earth. Despite of extreme environment, Death Valley is still a home to millions of visitors every year. Tourism attractions are amazing from historical facts, archaeological sites to adventurous activities like cycling and hiking. Don’t miss to visit the Artist’s Palette which is a spectacular spot to climb around, whereas Eclectic Scotty’s Castle holds some great exploring opportunities & entertainment. There are few more intriguing facts about Death Valley which will make this destination on top of the list during your visit to USA.

  • Death Valley holds a great diversity of wildlife despite of its extreme climatic and landscape conditions. You can easily find bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, jackrabbits, mammals, reptiles, fish and other species in the valley.
  • There are around 1000 different species of plants which you can easily view in the Death Valley.
  • It is the largest national park of the country with an area of 3.4 million acres.
  • Death Valley had a record that dozen of scenes of the famous film series “Star Wars” were shot here.
  • The average annual rainfall in the Death Valley is just 2.36 inches (60 mm), which is less than a coffee cup.
  • There was not a single drop of rain recorded in 1889, 1929 and 1953.
  • Telescope Peak is the highest point in the Death Valley with a height of 11,049-foot.
  • Death Valley is commonly known as the destination of the “The Lost 49ers” which was a group of gold seekers who lost their way in the valley. Whereas as the survivors of this campaign called this valley as “The Death Valley” for first time in history.