Eating Traditions of Addis Ababa

Eating Traditions of Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa can be interesting place not because of its traditional and historical places but for its delicious and traditional food items. People of Addis Ababa have some clear values and religious traditions to dictate food manners to their kids. Diet of Ethiopian people contains different sauces, meats and vegetables with bread called Injera. Sharing food from common plates with one another and eating with hands is common practice of Ethiopian eating manners. People of Addis Ababa and rest of Ethiopia are used to take spicy food items with sauces and stew, beer as well as wines. It will be quite interesting to know more about religious values and method of eating of Addis Ababa and in order to observe everything closely you have to head to Addis Ababa. Try Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa from London to save your cost and additional expenses.

Religious Rules and Restrictions about Eating

Orthodox follower of Ethiopia avoids meat, eggs and dairy products on specific days like Wednesday and Friday. During these days, they avoid any animal product except fish. They keep different fasts known as Easter fast or Kudade Tsom that usually lasts for 55 days.

Common Dishes of Addis Ababa

People of Addis Ababa use spicy food items because spices add some flavors to standard dishes and help them to preserve food without any refrigerator. Berbere is a spicy paste and Nitir Kibe is a pure butter that is used to cook various dishes in Addis Ababa. Injera is a pancake that is served with dipping sauces made of meat, fish and vegetable.

Traditional Method of Eating

People of Addis Ababa use to each Ethiopian food items with their fingers. They eat collectively where a large piece of Injera is being presented with meal and everyone has to tear small pieces of the bread to wrap around bite-sized portions of different dishes.

Famous Foods of Addis Ababa

Injera is staple flat bread made with fine grains that are unique to Ethiopia. It is enjoyed by tearing in different pieces to roll stews inside.


Beef, lamb, chicken, goat or lentils are used to make spicy stew that is seasoned with chili peppers, garlic and different other spices.


Tej is a honey wine that is customarily enjoyed with Ethiopian food. Tella is a type of beer that is also enjoyed frequently with food items by the people of Addis Ababa. They also use coffee that is known as bunna and is served on different ceremonies and traditions. In order to observe all traditions with your own eyes you have get Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa.