Elmina Castle Ghana

Elmina Castle Ghana

Ghana is a wonderful place to visit. Actually large number of people from across the world take cheap flights to Accra to reach this dream destination. In Ghana, visitors have a long list of places to visit and enjoy. One of these stunning tourist attractions is Elmina (or St George’s) Castle. Digging through the history reveals that this castle served as main trans-Atlantic slave hub.

Now Elmina Castle is a designated World Heritage site and very popular among visitors, especially those interested in learning more about the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Situated along Ghana’s central coast, Elmina Castle was built by Portuguese in 1842 and is one of oldest European buildings on African continent. Building was not erected for slave trading purpose but was a prominent trading post for gold and other wares. Leaving aside the bad tag assigned, Elmina Castle is incredibly fascinating.

Unlike other heritage site Elmina Castle is well maintained. It is always advisable to visit this historical place with the help of a guide. Guide will surely take you back in era of slave trade explaining where the slaves came from, who brought them and how they were traded. Digging through the archives of human trading you are bound to feel the suffering and will be unsettling. You cannot experience this at any other tourist place around the world. Tourists take Accra Flights from far flung areas to experience the essence of human sufferings.

Visit to Elmina Castle offers you breathtaking photo opportunities. You can have few shots at “door of no return”. It was literally a small door through which slaves were lowered into vessels to be transported to other parts of world through slaving ships. Knowing all this may prove too suffocating and you may badly require breathing in open air. Luckily you will find breathtaking open spaces in and around the Castle which will help you gather yourself.

Today, Elmina town is a famous fishing town is known for its fishing market. The streets of Elmina are lined with buildings from colonial times and giving look of a European town.