Exploring Miami as Solo? 5 things you need to know

Miami, indeed a picturesque place is a home to some of the striking sunny beaches, eye-catching natural beauty and amazing nightlife. Whether you are looking for fun in the sun, going to do some adventurous activities on the South Beach or want to taste traditional Cuban food and music, you will never run out of things to do in Miami. From one prospective it’s impressive to travel alone as it has its own unique charm and indelible memories but on the other hand you surely need a proper plan to get full advantage of your solo trip with precautionary measures. So read on to your ultimate guide and tips that how to travel solo in Miami

Making a Solo Travel Plan

Miami is amongst famous tourism spots in USA and it welcomes thousands of visitors every year including solo travellers either they are on business tour or for adventure. You simply need a solid plan from time scheduling to activities selection, everything should be in your mind right from the beginning whenever you start your journey. Like what to see in day time and how to entertain yourself in night, how to relax on beach alone or visiting spa’s and how to meet new peoples in restaurants & bars with full confidence is an understood aspect of your travel itinerary. But before all of this you’ll surely need some essential steps to follow to make your solo holidays to Miami safe and memorable.

Booking a Right Place:

The first involves booking a place to stay which is near to the places you want to see, so you don't have to spend much time on the road travelling via local buses & taxies. Secondly hotels or resorts near to beach and other attractions like shopping centres, museum and gardens and popular food spots are more preferable as it will keep you near to your base accommodation.


The best idea will be to arrange transportation right from the airport. A taxi or a local bus both will do work along with Uber service and car rental are some other options if you have included this in your itinerary plan. Metrorail is another good option and has an extensive route throughout the city as more people around, the better it feels. While using taxi and Uber service at night really worth as it gives an opportunity to secure your valuables during travelling like luggage, travel documents, cash cards and other things.

Meeting new people:

Wondering that how to interact and do some pleasant chats with new peoples in Miami? Well it’s really simple as like in other popular corners of the world. Usually hotel lobbies, hostel bars, restaurants, music clubs, spa’s and almost all of them are good options to welcome a new friend or healthy chat. The friendly environment is quite open in Miami, in-fact it’s amongst one of most hospitable Cities of USA. There are hundreds of solo tourists in each season who visit Miami which provides you hassle free mind set-up to meet new peoples openly.

Nightlife Activities:

It’s easy to find USA’s famous DJs, best late night eateries and bars at South Beach or Downtown Miami which provides real fascination to solo travellers because of big gatherings and busy nightlife in this town. There are plenty of sights to visit in evening or even at late night from art galleries to cinemas, while you can stay at the 15th and Collins which is a reasonable noisy and safe place to stay at night. You should take care from few of the pickpocket issues in the streets of Downtown Miami. It’s highly recommended that you should not move far from your accommodation on the beach side at night which is a good safety precaution.