Facts About Nigerian Culture

Facts About Nigerian Culture

Nigeria, located on the western coast of Africa is most populous country of the continent. Nigeria is a unique name that is taken from Niger River that runs through the country. Nigeria is a famous country of Africa with fastest growing economy. Like different other African countries, culture of Nigeria has hodgepodge of different ethnic African tribes. It will be quite interesting to know about culture of Lagos, Nigeria through different ways. You can personally visit Lagos, Nigeria via Cheap flights to Lagos to personally observe everything. For your convenience and information purpose, following are some interesting facts about the culture of Lagos Nigeria:


Culture of Nigeria is an accumulation of different tribal cultures of this area. Yoruba, Hausa Fulani and Igbo are three highlighted cultures that have major contribution in the Nigerian culture. Different traditions of these ethnic groups are woven through Nigerian culture.


Art is an essential part of Nigerian culture as you can see lots of artifacts in museums and historical places of Lagos, Nigeria. Ivory carving, grass weaving, wood carving, leather working, pottery and painting are prominent types of arts used in Nigerian culture. Arts and crafts often play important social and religious roles.

Dance and Music

Dance and music are two noticeable forms of Nigerian culture and both are defined by a strong beat and derived from religious ceremonies. Drum is essential element of every kind of Nigerian music but now guitar and American Jazz influences are also welcomed by the people of Nigeria.

Food Traditions

Food is important part of any religious and social ceremony all around the world. Nigeria has its own specific food traditions according to its different ethnicities and tribes. At the end of each religious and social ceremony, participants share a good meal together. It is considered bad-manner to take meal without sharing it with your guests. Nigerian people use their right hand to eat food. Staple food items like yams, corn or onion and a stew are served in traditional and religious ceremonies.

Languages of Nigeria

English is national language of Nigeria but 250 tribes of Nigeria have their own languages for communication with other tribe members. Half of the Nigerian population use English as mean of communication. Other people, who are unable to speak English, use Hausa as medium of communication and Hausa is considered as secondary language of Africa. Mixture of African and English language called Pidgin that is used for the communication with the people of other tribes.

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