Famous Dishes of Lagos Nigeria

Famous Dishes of Lagos Nigeria

Lagos Nigeria is the most crowded city of Africa but this city has lots of attractions for visitors. If you want to enjoy rich culture of Africa then this will be the target place for you. Lagos Nigeria is home place for different cultural groups and each culture widely reflects in the cuisine of the country. There are lots of notable dishes that cannot be ignored while your visit to Lagos Nigeria. All dishes present native food and traditional cooking methods of African nation. If you are preparing your next holidays in the Lagos Nigeria then do not forget to consider cheap flights to Lagos Nigeria. It will help you to save your money and you can spend this money to try famous dishes of Lagos Nigeria.

Vegetable Dishes

Starchy and green vegetables those are able to boil and stew like plantains, yams, okra and native greens are main vegetables that are usually liked by people of Lagos Nigeria. Bitter melon and okra is used to prepare soup that is frequently used by families. Corn and smoked fish is used to prepare Omi Ukpoka soup that is usually liked by all family members. Black eyed peas and tomatoes are used to prepare Moyin-moyin that is a savory pudding and served as main dish with beef or sardines.

Main Dishes

Suya meat is famous dish that can be enjoyed in almost all parts of the country. It is prepared with meat, beef or other animals with addition of chilies, local spices and ground peanuts in skewered and barbecued form. You can find this dish at the stalls of street food sellers. Egusi soup is a famous stew that is prepared with leafy greens, ground seeds and meat that is often served at the time of dinner. Ogbono soup is another soup that is prepared with wild mango and ground ogbono. Maafa is another famous dish of Nigeria that is cooked with beef or lamb, tomatoes and peanuts.

Side Dishes

  • Fried plantains and pounded yam is common side dish of Nigeria that is really liked by all people.
  • Fufu is another dish that is famous throughout Nigeria and is prepared with yam or cassava root and scratchy root vegetables after boiling them. It is one of the popular stews of Nigeria.
  • Funkaso is a fried cake that is prepared with different ingredients like millet grain. It is a famous side dish that can be taken at anytime.
  • Coconut rice and jollof rice are prepared with tomato, onion and red peeper that are mixed with rice to use as side dish. It is one of the famous side dishes of Nigeria.

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