Famous Eating Places of Sanaa

Famous Eating Places of Sanaa

If you are planning a visit to Sanaa then you have to be careful while eating from streets because the poorly prepared food can disturb your stomach. You can enjoy traditional Yemeni dishes in lunch and dinner from standard eating places of Sanaa. Cuisine of Sanaa will surely increase your charm of visit so it is important to know about the standard eating places of Sanaa before booking your flights. You have to search for best options while booking your flight because some airlines offer Cheap Flights to Sanaa Yemen. It is quite relaxing news to travel toward Sanaa without disturbing your budget. If you want to enjoy tasty dishes while securing your health then it is essential to go to standard restaurants. Following are some useful details for those who want to know about good eating places of Sanaa:

Specialty of Sanaa

If you want to enjoy special Yemeni lunch then Salta is famous lunch item as it is served really hot with lots of meat. It is enough to fill at least two stomachs at a time. Fasuula is another dish prepared with kidney bean based stew that is taken with bread and fresh vegetables. It is common part of the diet of Sanaa’s people and they frequently used this dish in the breakfast.

Budget Requirements for Food

If you are intended to enjoy delicious food items of Sanaa then do not worry about budget as all special food items are available at cost effective rate. You can get average meal from the restaurants of Sanaa in less than $5. You can eat chicken with rice at almost all restaurants. If you want to eat fish then go to Mataam Dubai located behind the Tahrir Post office and Fish Souq located in the south of the city. The fish is really costly in Sanaa as you have to pay more than $10 for a meal with rice, fish and fresh vegetables.

Mid-Range Hotels in Sanaa Al Shamiri Plaza Hotel

It is situated on Ali Abdull Mugni Street after the Central Bank of Yemen with rooftop restaurants on 8th floor. You will get great view of the both old and new part of Sanaa here. The menu is written in English and all food items are priced very reasonably.

Hadda Street

It is a special street where you will find more fashionable restaurants where you can enjoy wide range of food items in neat and clean environment. Some famous restaurants are as under:

  • Merkato Ethiopian Food, crossways to Al-Hudda grocery.
  • Karmouche Pizza, Iran Street.
  • Al-Hamra: It is a popular fast food point that is also called as Mataam Al-Ahmer.
  • Pizza Hut, Sabeen Street.
  • Khaleej Restaurant (popular traditional place)
  • Shalal Wadibana, Tahrir Street.

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