Famous Educational African Games for Kids

Famous Educational African Games for Kids

It will be quite interesting to visit different regions of the world to know about different cultures, traditions and games. People visit around different areas to increase global harmony and it is specifically important for kids to move around to increase their information level. If you are looking to take your kids or students to the continent of Africa then it is a great decision for the future of kids. Prefer Cheap flights to Harare to save your travel expenses as you need money for different other activities also. It is good to teach students about culture, wildlife and topography of Africa and start it with African games to develop more and more interest of students.

Famous Games of Africa Teach Geography

Teach about geography of Africa to your class before their visit to Africa and for this purpose, split your class into different teams. You can use map of Africa or can write the name of different African countries and geographical landmarks on the whiteboard. Give different activities to each group such as ask them to learn names of locations or important landmarks on each location. Give a specific time and after that time held a competition to motivate all kids to learn more and more.

Information About African Animals

Africa is no doubt an interesting place in terms of wildlife because it is inhabitant of lots of interesting animals like cheetahs, rhinos, zebras and lions. It will be a great activity for kids to identify different animals or tell the name of any animal specifically found in Africa. Prepare different questions about African animals and then ask these questions from kids. Grant one point for every correct answer and then reward the winner to increase his/her self-esteem and motivation of other kids.

Africa Trivia

If you want to increase the information level of students about Africa then organize a quiz based on African information. Divide your class in two to three teams and instruct them to collect more and more details about African culture, animals, weather, traditions, sports etc. Prepare different interesting but informative questions to ask from kids and provide a buzzer to all teams so that they can ring the buzzer to give answer of the question. Each correct answer will give one point to respected team and finally the winner will be granted with prize.

If you are planning a visit to Harare, Africa then it is important to organize this activity to make your trip more informative. Do not forget to book cheap flights to Harare Zimbabwe to fly within budget.