Famous landmarks in Europe

Famous landmarks in Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent of the world in terms of area, but the continent of Europe has dazzling and elegant travelling destinations with an awesome beauty and attraction. Exploring tourism treasures in the world’s most spectacular destinations is a dream of every traveler, and the Continent of Europe has a lot of leisure’s offers for you which will make your tour memorable. And whenever we talk about the significant scenic views of any region, then it is difficult to miss the impressive landmarks of that region, which represents the nation identification in terms of its historical heritage, struggle and unity, and here we will discuss some of the important and interesting famous landmarks in Europe. 

Eiffel Tower:

This splendid Tower is among one of the best structures of the world and is very popular throughout the world. The tower is located on Champ de Mars in Paris and was built in 1889, while it was designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel and thus the tower was named after him. The top of ironic lattice tower can be seen from everywhere in Paris, and your visit will be in complete if you miss to see this amazing landmark in Paris.

The Colosseum:

The structure was built in the 1st century by Romans, and the building is the most famous monument in the Rome. The exterior and interior was so efficiently designed and constructed with 80 arched entrances which allows over 45,000 spectators, and every moment became breathtaking whenever you watch this master piece of Roman architecture. The arena was a home to gladiator’s contests, public spectacles with wild animals and the executions which was a troubling aspect of this prominent landmark of Romans Colosseum.

Edinburgh Castle:

Edinburgh Castle is an outstanding site to visit, whether you are interested in cultural heritage and history or you like architecture or natural landscapes, in every aspect you will find this castle a perfect place for tourism activities. Located on the top of the Edinburgh Rock, the castle which is a mighty fortress is a symbol of nation’s defense and the political history of royal families. The main features of the castle includes; The Crown Room where the treasures of the nation are preserved. Great hall, which is the hall where you can see the castle key along with many arms exhibition. One o clock gun, which is fired daily except Sunday at one o clock since 1861. There are also many other features of this beautiful castle like The Scottish National War Memorial, National War Museum of Scotland, the St Margaret’s Chapel, Royal Palace, Mons Meg and many more with wide-ranging top views of the city from the castle.