Famous Markets in Accra

Famous Markets in Accra

Accra is famous for its different historical locations like parks, museum, libraries, national parks, markets etc. If you ever get opportunity to visit Accra, opt for cheap flights to Accra to save your money for other productive activities. You can increase the thrill of your visit by visiting famous markets of Accra. You can get all traditional items of Accra from its famous markets located near hotels and airport. If you want to buy traditional jewelry, clothes, or any other cultural item, you are advised to visit famous markets of Accra. You will surely get all memories of Accra by visiting following famous markets:

Makola Market

It is located in the busiest town in Accra near large boulevard and several alleys. Fabric shops in this market are full of great goods like wax-print pagnes, embroidered and beaded cotton and tulle to be worn on special occasions. If you are looking to buy GTP “Ghana Traditional Prints” and products of kosombo Textile Company, it is best market for you to get new designs on annual basis. Woodin fabric is an upscale fabric available in the different outlets in Osu and A&C shopping malls located in the East Legon. Variety of shiny patterned, colorful clothes, batiks and ready-made clothes are available in this market.

Kaneshie Market

It is a great place for shopping and serves as transit center too. You can buy great variety of traditional items in this market. It is a perfect market to buy food and household items, beads, hair accessories, shoes, handbags and different beauty products.

National Cultural Center

It is best place for antique shopping therefore it is also known as “Arts Center”. It is located near independence square with great stocked options for all visitors. Smaller curio markets are available all around the city for the convenience of visitors.

Wild Gecko

It is located near “Tetteh Quarshie Interchange” and you can find an enormous assortment of crafts, expensive antiques, fixtures and batik garments. If you want to buy something for Christmas, it is indeed a best market for this purpose because extensive collection of Christmas ornaments is available here. You can find some smaller but well-stocked pottery and craft stores at the same location.

If you want to buy modern goods, you can visit “The Accra Mall located off the liberation road, The A&C Shopping Mall located at East Legon, Palace Shopping Mall at the Spintex Road and Shaaba Shopping Mall at the Motorway Extension”.

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