Frequently Asked Questions

“Direct flight” doesn’t mean a Non-stop flight. A "Direct Flight" may stop because of Ground Elapse. Ground Elapse is usually for refueling the plane.
“Non-Stop” flight depicts the exact idea of its name. Non-stop flights do not require any pause for refueling or ground elapse It operates non-stop flights as the name suggests.
Charter flights are not provided by an airline essentially, but an aircraft is on condition that chartered by a company. This service is operates only on special occasions, events or peak sessions with different routes. Chartered flights seats are special flights sold as legroom a part of special Holiday packages. These flights have cheaper fares with small luggage allowance, limited space and require additional payment for meals and drinks. These flights are especially for business men and Holiday makers. There are some other companies can sell seats for chartered flights without accommodation.
Schedules Flights are sold under the airline names and conducted by evident by same particular airline. These flights may operates with the given schedule or twice daily with all nearly destination.
“e-ticket” stands for electronic ticket. It is computerized or digital ticket that is sent by an email, fax or any other device with proper demographic information. E-ticket contains a long code n the top of the ticket that is assigned by airline desk at the time of check in. This code helps controller department to trace the information of passenger.
In case of lost e-ticket in hard copy or soft copy, you can dial to the airline help desk and tell them your surname and first name to reissue that ticket.
A package Holiday is a way to encapsulate reserving rooms in hotels, adjustment, travel insurance, cheap flights, car hire or any other type of additional services from one organization or company as a whole package for the convenience of their customers. This is very easy way to book all these facilities together rather then book each one them separately.