Festivals and Cuisines of Lagos Nigeria

Festivals and Cuisines of Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is an antique nautical town that is 2000 years old so you can get historical information from this place. Lagos is a rich city in terms of traditions and festivals because different local traditions are celebrated here. You can get everything in the municipality ranging from gastronomy to traditional handicrafts. Lots of traditional items are being prepared with the use of local ingredients therefore it will be a fun to try these items just for once. It is famous for muscatel wine and burly intoxicating spirit the “aguardente de medronho” that is made of strawberry tree that is why Lagos is known as a wine producing district. You have to head to Lagos in order to get the information about the festivals and cuisines of Lagos. cheap flights to Lagos, Nigeria. is offered by different airlines so that you can travel within your budget.

Eyo Festival

Eyo festival also known as Adamu Orisha Play is a unique festival of Lagos. It is considered as a sightseer event by the people of Lagos and is conventionally performed on the Lagos Island. Eyo means attired dancers that present their bop during festival and these dancers are known as masquerades. The main location for the event is considered as the heart of the city which remains closed for the traffic for the smooth march of people from Idumota to the Iga Idunganran Fortress. White dressed Eyo masquerade get prepared to symbolize the lifeless spirits and are referred to in Yoruba as “Agogoro Eyo”.

Order of Events

Senior eyo group called Adimu visits public with staff a week before festival usually on Sunday to indicate the happening of event on the following Saturday. There are four other significant groups called Laba (Crimson), Oniko (Yellow), Ologede (Jade) and Agere (Mauve). These all groups take their turns to visit public from Monday to Thursday.

Eating places of Lagos

  • There is a Thistle Bar & Restaurant, Yellow Chili, Terra Kulture and Whitehouse to enjoy Nigerian food items.
  • Prime Chinese, Macro Polo and Mr Chang’s are places to enjoy Chinese cuisine.
  • Spice Bar, Debonair, Indigo, Dhanlaks and Karma are special places to taste Indian Cuisine.
  • If you want to eat Thai food then Reeds, Pattaya and Bangkok are special spots for you.
  • Those people who want to enjoy American and continental food items can visit Tex-Mex, Cactus, Double Four, La Saison, Debonair’s Pizza and Goodies restaurant.

If you want to enjoy traditional goat meat pepper soup then Cowrie Restaurant is a best place for you. Ilsorriso is an itallian restaurant while the Pearl Garden has every kind of Chinese food items. You can get Japanese cuisines from Fusion restaurant while the Brazilian Steakhouse is Churrasco. Chocolate Royal is a best American bakery for American bakery food lovers. You can visit all these places by saving your money in travelling via flights to Lagos.