Festivals of Addis Ababa

Festivals of Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa an important city of Ethiopia is famous for its great and colorful events that frequently take place over different days. If you want to know about the history and the culture of Addis Ababa then you have to plan your visit around these events. It will provide you meaningful information about this area and you can closely observe the lifestyle of native people. There is no need to worry about your travel as some airlines offer Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa from London all around the year and this can be an amazing experience to visit this place at important time. It will be good to find out about the events and their dates before booking your journey so that you can land in Addis Ababa at right time and right moment to enjoy their colorful events and traditions.

Timkat Feast of the Epiphany (19 January)

It is an extremely colorful festival of three days that is celebrated to memorialize the initiation of Christ. One night before the festival, the priests take the Tabot that symbolized the Ark of the Covenant and Ten directives from every Church. It is taken to the tent after concealing with ornamental cloth that is located near consecrated pool or stream while ringing bells, blowing trumpet and incense burning. Jan Meda located to the northeast of the metropolis hub is the main place for this event as the people of Addis Ababa pitch their tents at this ground. A huge crowd always attends this festival and they enjoy a better picnic time with each other. At sunrise, the pastor douses a candle ablaze on a pole set in a nearby river using a ceremonial cross. Some congregations jump into river as a part of ceremony. After all this, the Tabots are taken back to the churches by horsemen.

Buhe (21 August)

It is an interesting event in which the bands of small boys call at each house, sign songs and jostle with each other to get some fresh dough (buhe) that is being used for baking. In the evening time, each house lit bonfires outside the house.

Enkutatash New Year (11 September)

This festival is really important as people celebrate two occasions one is New Year and the other is Banquet of John the Baptist at the end of the long rains in spring. At this time, the highlands fully covered in wild flowers. This is a colorful event as the children dress in new clothes and dance through the village, people share out swag and tiny work of arts. In the evening, all people lit bonfire to sign and dance together.