Freetown Travel

Freetown Travel

The capital city of Sierra Leone is the heart of tremendous beauty and fabulous landscapes as well as astonishing cultural heritage. In fact for everyone at every level, this city is intriguing and exciting in the form of splendid mountains, fantastic beaches and especially the relaxing atmosphere all around with some of the amazing historic landmarks. There are also some delicious restaurants and luxurious hotels in Freetown, who provide you a quality service to make your trip more comfortable. So you can visit different touring spots in this city like Lumley Beach, National Museum, Old Boundary Canons, Martello Tower and much more, but wait a minute before deciding that where to go and what to see in the fascinating city if Freetown, just look out some of marvelous destinations which will make your tour worthwhile.

National Railway Museum

Though it’s not a large museum but for train lovers, these restored rail cars and engines in the museum has a great importance and they can enjoy a lot by visiting such place, especially going there with your kids or family will be good as this spot is an ideal picnic point. Among these British built locomotives, including a special one which was commissioned for Queen of England has remarkable story of enthusiasm and determination. And for all of this entertainment just checkout our affordable packages of cheap flights to Freetown along with many holidays and hotel deals.

Lumley Beach

This white sand beach offers you many adventurous activities and sports like football, swimming, volleyball, and walking along the vibrant stretch of the beach. It is among one of the busiest beaches in Freetown and giving you a perfect opportunity to relax in the sun shine on white sandy beach, enjoy the attracting nightlife and taste the traditional cuisine with refreshment options at many of nearby restaurants and cafes.

The Cotton Tree

The Cotton Tree is the most prominent landmark standing in the center of the oldest part of Freetown near the Supreme Court and National Museum, and this tree is standing here from over 200 years but the exact history of this tree is unknown. This place has a great importance in Freetown, as Sierra Leoneans believes that this was the place where the Nova Scotian settlers prayed more than 200 years ago, so this place became a symbol for the people of Sierra Leone.

Old Boundary Cannons

Old Boundary Canons is another attractive landmark for tourists and located over at the junction of Kissy road. They were actually used for marking the mapped-out limes of Freetown and this part of the city is also known as Up Gun. Only one gun is still visible out of these three guns, despite of that travelers visit this place with a great interest and is an excellent spot for tourists.