Ghana’s Top Destinations

Ghana’s Top Destinations

When we talk about travelling in Ghana then it is difficult to define in words, the magical country of Ghana which is full of diverse cultures, natural beauty of wildlife along with fascinating landscapes, splendid landmarks and one of the best hospitable people on the earth. Your feelings became astonishing and moments will be heartbreaking by visiting Ghana and its surroundings, and of course this place is a gateway to some of the outstanding tourism destinations in West Africa. Every place in Ghana has its own customs, traditional cuisine and festivals, so this country has a lot of tourism offers and unlimited entertainment for travelers coming from any region of the world. There is also an important aspect of Ghana to visit it, and that’s are its coastal forts which reminds us the tragic history of African nation in the form of Slave Trade. So without viewing these historical places and Ghana’s top destinations, you will surely find out your trip incomplete. And once you are deciding where to go in Ghana, then just take a look on the fabulous tourism spots in this exciting country.

Mole National Park

Being the biggest park of the country, and is among one of the best and cheapest safaris in Africa, the park has awesome beauty and includes at least 300 species of birds and variety of mammal species. African elephants, buffalos, hartebeests, and uncounted lion, leopards with many beautiful wildlife is the most attracting and stunning views of this park. Located in the district of West Gonja, and covering an area of 4,577 kilometres square, the park has some of the amazing and spectacular scenes of water streams.

Cape Coast Castle

The Cap Coast Castle was a slave castle built by European traders for the purpose of Slave Trade in the past. Initially built by the Dutch’s in the 16th century and later on it was rebuilt by the British in 18th century. Here you can see the canons fixed at the top of the boundary wall with excellent architecture skills used in building this castle. And today Cape Coast castle is a lovely place to enjoy the salty sea breeze with entertaining yourself with all of natural scenes around the castle. There is also a project of Museum, currently under process for the preservation of West African cultural heritage and history.

Capital City of Accra

One of the fast growing economic city in Africa and the capital of Ghana, has some of the sensational travelling sites. It has a wide range of tourism spots with awesome facilities, and the city is among the safest cities in Africa for visitors. The famous sites in Accra includes; The National Museum which represents the significant culture of Africa, the bustling and traditional market of Makola, adventurous and relax beaches of Accra like Labadi, Bojo and much more.