Harare Best Restaurants

Harare Best Restaurants

Harare has a wide range of tourism attractions along with some of the delicious and popular restaurants offering many of the traditional dishes with a variety of modern and fast food. Harare hospitality is awesome whenever you meet the warm welcoming peoples of this city or we talk about different cuisine served with a great vibe in many of its top restaurants. Are you looking to exhilarate yourself by eating in any one of the fantastic and renowned restaurant in this fascinating city? Then don’t worry, try some of our suggestions about different restaurants in the luxurious city of Harare. And after that you will surely find out a lovely experience by eating both the local and international foods in a lot of well reputed restaurants.

Victoria 22 Restaurant

Do you want to eat the best Italian food available in Harare? So visit the Victoria 22 restaurant which is among one of the Harare best restaurants, and is a significant spot for the both locals and foreigners. Located at 22 Victoria road in a past colonial house and the restaurant is a tremendous presentation of traditional and modern styles. The interior of the restaurant is spectacular and has a solid wood furniture with fine dining tables, while the services of this restaurant are of world class with an intriguing menu, adventurous pool and a heartbreaking garden. So feel the majestic Harare in true meanings by visiting this fabulous restaurant.

Amanzi Restaurant Harare

This restaurant has an outstanding and unrivalled views all around, surrounded by lush green gardens and is located in northern Harare at 158 Enterprise road. While the combination of local and foreign architectural work used in building this colonial house in the past was great, and now the restaurant is wonderfully furnished with excellent facilities for its visitors. And your tour to Harare will be incomplete if you miss to taste the quality of many of the international and African foods offered by this splendid restaurant.

The Butchers Kitchen

This is an another fascinating restaurant in Harare and is located inside the Sam levy’s Village Borrowdale, while in the restaurant there are some of the interesting things to do like; choose your favorite meat available in the restaurant and cut it out by the butcher, then take it to the chef for cooking. This restaurant also shows the hospitality of Zimbabwean people who loves to served their visitors with great respect. Everything in this restaurant related to food will be fresh especially meat and vegetables. There are also fast food present in the restaurant like burgers, chips and much more. Some of the other restaurants in Harare includes 360 Degrees Bar and Grill, Leonardo’s Restaurant and La Fontaine. And also there are many medium range restaurants like Alo Alo, Coimbra, Millers Café and many more.