Harare Sports Club

Harare Sports Club

Sports and games are important for the youth of every country to keep them fit and active. Like all other countries, different national and international level games are being played in Harare, Africa. Different sports clubs and stadiums are available to youth for the promotion of different sports. Harare sports club is specifically famous for cricket and all cricket lovers love to enjoy every tournament organized in this club. You are planning to visit Harare and you are a cricket lover too then Harare sports club is a definite place for you to visit. Cheap flights to Harare Zimbabwe will make your dream true to visit Harare. Harare sports club is an important sports club and its slight history is as under:

Harare sports club is a famous cricket ground of this area that was initially known as Salisbury Sports Club. It is a major cricket venue of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe since its beginning. In October 1992, Zimbabwe played an inaugural test against India on this ground and this match made this ground a Test Venue. After sometime, first One Day International was also held at this venue. 1994 is an important year as in this year the Zimbabwe won its first Test.

It is a beautiful place surrounded by jacaranda trees and beautifully designed pavilion. It is located in the heart of the city and delimited by heavily secured presidential citadel on one side and the prestigious Royal Harare Golf Club on another side. Harare Sports Club is an important place that first Test was started from this place. The capacity of this ground is 10,000 that can also be increased. Pavilion is its major attraction with a popular bar that usually grabs the attention of visitors. Castle Corner is located at the other end of ground and this is livelier bar of this area. Harare sports club is a home for domestic Mashonaland Eagles and Zimbabwe Cricket Union.

In 2010, some renovations were announced to Harare sports club and Mutare Sports Club to prepare these clubs for Twenty-20 tournament in November. The aim of this work was to increase the capacity of the club by increasing number of seats, improvement in spectator facilities, training facilities and increase in floodlights for night matches. This renovation was necessary to increase the value of Harare Sports Club for test cricket.

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