Harare to Victoria Falls

Harare to Victoria Falls

Harare being a major tourism hub has a wide range of adventurous travelling spots and is a gateway for many of the finest attractions of the country. Along with beautiful residential areas around the center of Zimbabwe capital city, there are many natural landscapes which contains majestic beauty like Victoria Falls, Lake view of Kariba, and the lush green landscape of Mavuradonha. And once we talk about Harare landscapes then it is difficult to forget about Victoria Fall, which has a splendid scenic view of waterfalls and wonderful atmosphere all around especially from November to April during rainy season. Here you can experience some of the fantastic and thrilling activities, therefore this visiting point is an amazing destination for tourists and they can enjoy river surfing, bungee jump, kayaking, and much more. Locally Victoria fall is also known as Mosi- oa-Tunya and is located along Zambezi River at the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Fall is the seventh natural wonder of the world and has a variety of ideal exploration points which will make your moments heartbreaking. While going from Harare to Victoria Falls, you will experience one of the best journey in your whole life hopefully as this will be a great time for you to see the splendor of Zimbabweans Highlands either it is Savannah or stretching across to Mozambique, Vumba Botanical Garden or the famous Hwange National Park, and the World Heritage Site of Great Zimbabwe Ruins. Before starting your amazing trip towards Victoria Fall, include some of the important information about road transportation, airports and flights durations, hotels stay and much more for a comfortable and safe tour.

Air Services

Harare International Airport operates all international and domestic flights and facilitate you with a warm welcome and reputed services. While the flight duration from Harare to Victoria Fall is about 1 hrs. In the northwest of Harare city, the Charles Prince Airport is another wonderful option for you because this airport provides you Charter flights and other light aircraft flights to Victoria Fall. But before all of this, surely you need a direct flight from your residential city of United Kingdom to the capital city of Zimbabwe, then check out our affordable packages of cheap flight to Harare.

Bus Services and Self Drive

The distance between Harare and Victoria falls is almost 878 kilometers taking around 12 hours approximately and there are few companies who offers you luxurious bus services facility for this route. Bus stops are present in every town centers of each city of Zimbabwe. In the case of car hiring, only use registered and legal car hiring service providers and make sure to check license of that company, never give any documents or passport for any guarantee. And we recommend that if you are willing for a self-drive then divide your trip plan into two destinations. One from Harare to Bulawayo which is the second largest city of Zimbabwe, a perfect place to visit and is well known for its landmarks, culture and hospitality. The other travelling point is from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls, and before reaching to your desired destination, you will do a plenty of fun and your every moment will be memorable. Despite all of that a lot of awesome entertainment will be waiting for you at Victoria Falls.