Hidden Treasures of Sanaa

Hidden Treasures of Sanaa

Sanaa is an important city of Yemen with lots of undiscovered treasures of the world. It is a civilized, but one of the oldest area of the world. It has lots of antique buildings and items therefore it is also known as “Arabia Felix”. Yemen is a land of conventional places and it was rules by monarchy of Saba in the 2nd millennium B.C., by the Queen of Sheba who visited the King Solomon in Jerusalem. You can get complete details about the history of Yemen by visiting this place and for this purpose, book Cheap Flights to Sanaa Yemen within your budget.

Shem the son of Noah is founder of Sanaa, and there are lots of historical buildings in their original shape. Biggest part of Sanaa is still unaffected by Western architecture, and it is the main distinctive feature of this area. Idiosyncratic and unique architecture of Yemen makes this country unique among rest of the Arab Peninsula and Arabia Gulf civilizations. If you want to enjoy budgeted travel, book cheap flights to Sanaa and enjoy best journey of your life. Its architecture style and edifice methods are 2000 years old.

Houses are specifically constructed according to the geology and climate of the area. Stone, random or cut, fired clay bricks and unbaked earth “zabur” are used in the edifice process. Moorlands area of Sanaa has high buildings with chunky walls and roofs to store the heat of the day and restituted at hours of darkness. It will help you to uphold stable indoor hotness without having heater or cooling unit and large window panels. Before booking cheap flights to Sanaa, it is important to consider the temperature of Sanaa to have suitable gear.

Architecture, frescos and ornamental windows of northern parts of Yemen is a distinctive feature of this area. Windows has double blemished, apparent or semi-transparent double glass inside the panes. You can spend a good time in Sanaa, so do not delay your cheap flights to Sanaa. There are tall buildings with seven stories to entertain different generations. People of Sanaa prefer to build their houses on the top of large mountains and rocks. Dar al-Hajar and Rock Palace at Wadi Dhahr are trademark places for tourists. There is a 5-story palace situated at high rock dated back to 700 BC.

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