Historical View of Sanaa

Historical View of Sanaa

Sanaa is famous as political capital of Yemen located on the northeast flat terrain of the docks of Al Hudaydah. It is also known as a fruit-growing region because it is a commercial hub for the fruit growers. A junction formed by the palace of former imam servers as divider that divides Sanaa in two sections. Its eastern section is named as old city where you can observer various mosques and market to sale and buy different things like silver and gold jewelry, leather goods, silk clothes and carpets. Total population of Sanaa is 250,000 where 50,000 people live in old city. There is a steady invasion of people from country districts who are keen to move to modern style housing outside the city walls. Your one visit to Sanaa via Cheap Flights to Sanaa Yemen will help you in close observation of modern lifestyle of Sanaa.

Old City of Sanaa

More than 400 years old houses are located in the old city of Sanaa. Dark basalt stone is used in the construction of house where intricate frieze work is used in the decoration of houses. Old city has extremely well potted walls.

Suq al-Milh

If you want to visit main souk of Sanaa, prefers morning time or visit between 6 and 7 pm. Suq al-Milh is the main market of Sanaa which means salt market but you can buy different goods like spices, vegetables, pottery, wood items, clothing etc.

National Museum

It is an important place for tourists located next to al-Mutwakil mosque situated about 100 meters north of Tahrir Square. National museum is located in a house named Dar as-Sad which was the royal palace in 1930. Artifacts of ancient kingdoms of Saba, Marib, Main and Himyar are available in this museum. You can visit it between 9 AM and 12 Noon, 3 PM and 5 PM till on regular basis. On Friday the museum remains open in morning only.

Military Museum

It is another historical place of Sanaa which is situated at the western corner of the Tahrir square. Museum remains open from 9 AM till 12 noon and from 4 PM till 8 PM except Friday and last Thursday of each month.


Mosques are for Muslims only so a Muslim tourist should visit al-Jami’al-Kabir (the Great Mosque) located in the west of main marketplace; Salah al-Din in the eastern quarter of city; Qubbat Talha designed with Turkish touch; al-Aqil, has beautiful minaret with beautiful lights for night; and Qubbat al-Bakiliya located in the eastern part of the city and built in 17th century by the Turks in the 17th century and reinstate in 19th century.

Modern architecture of Yemen has traditional influence which gives an attractive blend of modern and traditional work. If you are planning to travel to Sanaa then prefer cheap flights to Sanaa offered by different airlines.