Holidays in Nepal

Holidays in Nepal

Nepal is the land of snow-capped and nature Grandeur Mountains including eight highest mountains of the world. It had a rich ancient history and traditions. For adventurous activities it is a like paradise for travelers either it is mountain biking, bunjee jumping, peak climbing, walking and so on you will experience a stunning and enthusiastic adventure in your trip to Holidays in Nepal. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal plays an important role in the tourism and this city becomes a hub for international climbing and paragliding events. You can never forget cultural festivals at the heart of this city along grand temples with their ancient history. In fact this city and overall Nepal had great and fantastic sites to travel. Before planning of your trip to you can read some of the amazing and not forgettable activities.


As always cycling is a very fabulous and healthy activity which really gives you better entertainment and pleasure but whenever you planned and visit Nepal never miss this opportunity especially cycling from Lhasa capital of Tibet to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. This route will take you to a new level of sensational cycling passing from high altitude deserts and incredible mountain passes.

Peak Climbing

Peak climbing in Nepal is no doubt an outstanding and best adventure for both experienced and new climbers. Up to 1300 identified peaks above 6000 metres height of Himalayas always have been attention and focus for tourists and climbers. Trekking peaks ranging from 5587 to 6654 metres is excellent for basic mountaineering under the supervision of professional climbing guide.

Water Rafting

One of the best way to explore the natural beauty, ethnology and heritage of Nepal is river rafting. Nepal had fast running rivers due to variation in altitudes. Rivers passing through mountains, typical cross section of nature, exploration opportunity of cultural heritage and especially meeting different people living in the ancient and historical places of Nepal makes river rafting a splendid activity. And whenever you planned to travel Nepal through cheap flights to Kathmandu then don’t miss the adventure of river rafting because this country has one of the best destinations for river rafting.

Cultural Tours

Nepal had a diverse and rich culture because of the presence of almost all the important religions of the world and ancient traditions and values which are still alive and deeply followed by Nepalese. Nepal people had a great harmony, religious tolerance towards different ethnic groups and they are very hospitable, polite and humble towards visitors. Ancient history and Archeological sites in Nepal is an asset to visit and especially photography of these sites is classical and attractive. Dashain is the most popular and fabulous traditional festival of Nepal whereas Mohani, Tihar and many others festivals are also celebrated.