Hot Air Balloons Event at Karnataka

Are you looking for attending an adventurous and entertaining festival in your December holidays of this year? So watch the attractive balloons floating in the clear blue sky of Karnataka, India; as the annual hot-air ballooning festival is set out from this December to upcoming January of 2015 by Indian state tourism authorities. This mega event is a major step to further boost up the tourism activities in India, as there will be a lot of participants from the other countries with numerous local attendants.

There will be an unlimited fun and joy when you will view the sky which will be full of colourful balloons, and there will be no limitations of exhilaration for everyone at every stage either they are kids or elders. This fabulous sport activity will also provide you an excellent opportunity to explore the dazzling sights in India, its culture, delicious cuisine, and much more. While the festival will take place at three different spots which are Mysore, Bidar and Hampi, so this is the best time for you to experience the fantastic hot air balloons event at Karnataka in a spectacular lush green environment of this magical region which will make your trip awesome and memorable.

The hot-air balloon is among one of the initial air travel sources which inspires the human beings for further inventions in the field of aviation. The first balloon which was capable of carrying passengers using hot air was built in 1760 in France, and after that it was a remarkable travelling source before the air jets introduction, and now in a day’s ballooning is an amazing sports activity which spreads throughout the world.