Ibumba International Festival Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Background of Ibumba International Festival

Welcome to the upcoming edition of Ibumba International Festival starting from Dec 16th 2014 to Dec 22nd 2014 at Stanley Hall Bulawayo. This will be again a great entertainment opportunity for all travel and art lovers, as this event provides you a full heartbreaking and fascinating environment all around in the fantastic city of Bulawayo. This event is a full show of art and culture, film, theatre, and music along with many amazing aspects like colorful traditional values with inspirational dances, outstanding and unlimited themes of local and international artists, and especially the representation of South African hospitality and past memories. If you are planning a trip in the city of Bulawayo, then don’t miss the thrilling enjoyment and awesome memories of this festival and for all of this fun check out one of the renowned services of cheap flights to Bulawayo.

Background of Ibumba International Festival

Ibumba International Festival was introduced in 1996 by Siyaya Arts, and this festival holds every year for exploring the cultural history, hospitality and artistic creativity of the people of the South Africa. In fact this festival has a major role in enhancing the Zimbabwe Vision in front of the world and is a one of the best musical showcases in the country along with a variety of pop, jazz and classical music.


There are many things to do in this festival at a splendid location of Stanley Hall and adjacent square which is the heart of cultural activities and sports of African Bulawayo. See the electric dance choreography and experience the non-stop excitement of traditional Khwela, breakdance and pop. Also watch the rainbow exhibition with full decorated stage, and in all that atmosphere listen old music and enjoy the legendary dances like Tina Turners, Brenda Fassies, Solomon Skuza and much more.


Along with many things, there are many aims and missions of this festival like promoting recreation and entertainment activities, providing a platform for learning, teaching, and sharing cultural knowledge about different nations of the South African region. Another interesting part of this festival is the spreading awareness among the participants of the event through workshops and seminars about different issues related to health, economy, and technological developments. So for all of this useful information, guide and indelible memories, make sure to participate in the fabulous event of Ibumba during your visit to Bulawayo, because without it you will miss a lot of entertainment.