Important Places to Visit in Jeddah

Important Places to Visit in Jeddah

Jeddah is a trading hub to be found on the Red Sea in the west part of Saudi Arabia. It is major commercial center of the city because it has different government offices and attractive places to visit. It is the main doorway for Muslims who want to perform hajj and head to Mecca and Medina by air or sea. Jeddah still has mesmerizing burrow of multi-story houses made of coral. Thanks to those airlines that offer cheap Flights to Jeddah from London to make your journey free from financial stress. It is a momentous city of Saudi Arabia because the tourists visit this city to see the historical and appealing places. It will be good to set your target in advance so that you can visit maximum places without wasting any time. This can be done with the information of important places and following are some places that should not be ignored while your visit in Jeddah.

Al-Balad (Old Town)

It is the top attraction of Jeddah with long city wall and old gates still mark where it formerly situated. You can find ancient buildings and time-honored souks, tottering and coral houses that are really famous in Jeddah. Coral is not a resilient material to build edifices and most of the buildings are in poor shape. You can take a visit of old city and endless souks to get traditional and interesting items. This place is surrounded by the people of Arab world, Asia and Africa.

Souq Al-Alawi

It is located at the heart of old city with coral dwellings on both sides of the market street. If you want to visit this place then it is essential to get photography permit from an office located behind Naseef house. You are not permitted to fix your camera on the faces of people without their permission.

Atallah Happy Land Park

It is a hilarity park with diverse indoor and outdoor rides as well as attractions like ice skating, bowling, dining and shopping. You can enjoy 6D Theater and live shows available in the hilarity park.

Al-Shalal Theme Park

It is located near the end of Sary St. that features dual circled roller coaster in the Asian continent. It was found in 2004 and can cater 700 visitors at a time who come there to ride 34 m roller coaster. There is a two story building at the center of the park that features an ice staking rink and a theme area, a breaker skating service and the Amazon ride with a jungle theme where you can see life size animals with special effects of luminosity and sound. Parking of this park can put up 300 cars with an additional capacity of 300 more cars in open air parking.