Interesting Cultural Aspects of Sanaa

Interesting Cultural Aspects of Sanaa

Sanaa is an interesting target for culture observers as you can get the facilities of Cheap Flights to Sanaa Yemen offered by different airlines. If you want close observation of Yemeni life then Sanaa will give you a good start. You can observe their eating habits, ceremonial occasions and traditional things to buy. It will be better to do some homework before heading to Sanaa so that you can observe everything in better way. This will prepare you mentally to stay with the interesting people of Sanaa and enjoy their special cuisine. Following are some interesting culture aspects of Sanaa that will help you to understand the lifestyle and food customs of native people of Sanaa.

Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions Daily Food Customs

Usually, populace of Sanaa takes sugary strong tea with sorghum, wheat or barley bread in morning meals. For dinner, they prepare porridge with the use of animal protein, eggs, vegetables, herbs as well as spices and serve it in a stone or clay bowl. Vegetables and dates are usually taken in a light supper but they also drink outdoor coffee or tea during daytime.

Festive Meals

Roasted and simmered meat of goat or sheep is served to wanderers with the heaps of rice at feats and celebrations. Different urban areas and villages dish up it with fried eggplant, sundry green salads and raisins custard or different fruits as dessert. People also prefer fish, poultry and dairy products in the festive season. Bint al-sahn a puff pastry topped with honey is a famous saccharine dish consumed during celebrations. These people prepare special dishes to keep and break the fasts of Ramadan. Coffee is frequently used in wedding and religious celebrations. Smoke water pipes and chewing qat both are often used while gossips.

What to Buy from the Markets of Sanaa?

Curved Dagger (Jambiya) is a specialty of Sanaa and easily available in the market with sheath, homemade belts and silver small bags. Necklace and jewelry can grab your attention because these are made with different precious stones. Lapis Lazuli is a necklace that is prepared and purchased with good beliefs.

Etiquettes of Sanaa

Customary and religious set of laws determine social and entity communications like sweet verbal exchanges and salutation in greetings, good bye and evading of women who are not in close relations. You will observe generosity, respect of elders, politeness and good etiquettes while your stay in Sanaa because these all are their cultural values. As a guest, you should not accept more than three cups of coffee or tea and the shoes should be left outdoor before entering a dwelling.