Interesting Facts About Addis Ababa

Interesting Facts About Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the largest city with lots of attractions and historical places. You can plan your vacations in Addis Ababa because it will be an adventurous experience for you. This city has more than 120 embassies that make this city a heart for global international relations related to Africa. Cheap flights to Addis Ababa from London are available here so feel free to find your required travel package. It will be an amazing experience to know about the culture and traditions of Addis Ababa. It is important to have some information about the city so that you can enjoy better vacations in Addis Ababa. I am going to share some interesting facts about Addis Ababa to increase your excitement for the vacations in Addis Ababa:

Famous Breakfast of Addis Ababa

Although, Addis Ababa is not a country that attract people for its food but still there are several yummy dishes that should be tried once after going there. Injera Firfir is a filling and delicious breakfast of Addis Ababa. It is prepared with the hundreds of tiny pieces of injera soaked into kai wat that is just like a red hot sauce and meat. Injera is the heart of Addis Ababa that is mainly a pancake with springy topside with vegetables and meat in the sauce. You can enjoy fresh green organic food at Addis Ababa.

Food and Drink

It will be an amazing fact for you that the coffee a famous brew around whole world was first time found in the Kaffa district of Ethiopia. Teff that is a significant granule for injera is a prehistoric grain that was created in Ethiopia between 4000 BC and 1000 BC. This smallest granule is rich with different elements like aluminum, barium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, copper and thiamine. It is a finest way to get protein, amino acid, carbohydrate and fiber. Its gluten free feature will provide you with added benefits.

Ethiopian Invitation for Meal

If you are invited in a house of Addis Ababa for meal then usually a little boy or girl, maid or even the host will keep water and soap stand in your feet and wash your hands. It is a sign of respect by the Ethiopian people. You have to be careful about some traditions like do not employ your left hand during taking or eating food as it is taken as disrespectful act. Do not depart your place even after finishing your food until others finish their whole food to show a sign of respect.