Interesting Places at Addis Ababa

Interesting Places at Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the largest city of Ethiopia with 4,156,251 inhabitants as per the latest census of 2013. This is an appealing city for sightseers because there are lots of interesting destinations for them. It can be an ideal place for your upcoming vacations as you can see lots of interesting places at Addis Ababa. This city has complex mixture of flat terrain climate zone and the temperature of this place depends on the elevation and widespread wind patterns. It will be a better investment for a family trip and do not worry about your travel as we offer cheap flights to Addis Ababa from London. Addis Ababa is a rich place for tourists because following interesting places can force its visitors to prolong their stay in this city:

Ethiopian National Museum

It is a top-notch museum equipped with lots of hidden jewels and the model of Lucy who was an early hominid is its top example. Museum has lots of amazing attractions as you can see old artifacts that are thousands of years old. Wide varieties of relics are featured from statuette, clothing to artwork. Ethiopian national museum has blend of traditional and modern features.

Red Terror Museum (2010)

It is situated near Maskal Square end and is an important as well as interesting place that is important to visit for the tourists. If you want to know about the revulsions of the Derg that led to the well known scarcity of the 1990’s then Red Terror Museum is important to visit.

St George’s Cathedral

St George’s Cathedral is a memorial building because it was founded in 1896 to celebrate the triumph of Ethiopia over the Italians. It is a circular building where people pray besides the walls. It has a small museum to amuse visitors and you can take the services of archdeacons to visit the cathedral. The core of the cathedral is marvelously ornamented with interesting paintings and mosaics. It is an appealing museum to visit where you can see traditional clothes and prehistoric manuscripts.

Ethiopian Ethnological Museum

It is a mesmerizing museum that has lots of historical and artistic cultural displays of Ethiopia. You can view the displays of special racial groups established in Ethiopia with significant details about each of their lifestyles. It is one of the most attractive museums in the Addis Ababa where you can view cultural outfits, ornaments and other artifacts.

Netsa Art Village

It is a beautiful park across the French Embassy where authentic and interesting art work is available. It is a watchable place for those who want to know about the culture and lifestyle of the habitants of Addis Ababa.