Kaghan Valley – Facts You Need To Know!


Kaghan Valley is a worth seeing place with its striking beauty and amazing attractions all around. Tourists who visits the Kaghan Valley; either they’re locals or from abroad, gets inspired by the renowned natural landscapes, lush green mountains, refreshing lacks, glaciers & waterfalls with adventure opportunities offered in the valley. So let’s take a look on a few of the intriguing facts about the Kaghan Valley that why this destination is so popular amongst holidaymakers.

  1. The popular wonderland “Babusar Top” is the highest point at 13,690 feet (4,170 m) in the Kaghan Valley.
  2. Lake Saiful Muluk is one of the most prominent lake in the valley attracting thousands of tourists every year. Whereas the lake is named after a Persian Prince “Shahzada Saif Ul Malook”.
  3. Kunhar River is the main river flowing through the entire Kaghan Valley and total length of the river is 103 miles (166 km).
  4. Geography and climate of the region is alpine with greenish pine forests all around.

Kaghan Valley – Facts You Need To Know

  1. Siri Payee Lake is one of another spectacular place to visit at beautiful “Shogran” Village. The Village is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and Himalayan peaks with breathtaking scenic views.
  2. The Valley is renowned in the world for its astounding adventurous spots like for hiking, climbing and water rafting.
  3. Summer is the best time to travel Kaghan Valley from May to September because in these months roads are quite clear from snow. Whereas the maximum temperature in May is 11 °C (52 °F) with a minimum temperature of 3 °C (37 °F).
  4. Lake Dodipatsar is a beautiful lake which is almost 9hrs jeep drive from main Naran Town. (A famous tourist spot in upper Kaghan Valley). You can also reach this lake through horse journey as this route is very popular amongst visitors. While the other reason to do horse journey is the road way which is difficult for driving.