Lagos Murtala International Airport (LOS)

Lagos Murtala International Airport (LOS)

Lagos is among one of the fast growing cities of the world and is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. Its population is above 8 million and the city is well renowned for its tourism attractions like beautiful landscapes, historical museums, exciting resorts and fantastic beaches along with many others intriguing things to do. With the passage of time Lagos became one of the important destination for travelling activities, and that’s why the Lagos Murtala International Airport (LOS) is the busiest airport in Nigeria for both the international and local flights. The airport is located in the Ikeja suburb of Lagos city and it operates about 40 airline services to over 60 destinations of the world, while the flights carrying over 10 million passengers every year. If you are planning an amazing trip for experiencing the travel treasures of Lagos, then it is important to know essential information about this airport because from here you will start travelling towards your desired spots and exploring this great city.

In recent years there was problems for travelers related to crimes, security, and infrastructure. But now the airport is improved efficiently, as the crimes are controlled effectively compared to the past history. Many additional facilities are enhanced like communication services; Wi-Fi and quality calls service, restaurants, duty free shops, expansion of international terminal which is under process, and much more. Some of the other basic things which you will want to know about this airport are:

Terminal Services

There are two main terminals at this airport; one handles the domestic flights and the other is for International passengers, while the transfer between the terminals is a short distance. VIP lounge is located at the 3rd floor of domestic terminal whereas the international terminal has following lounges like Club Class lounge, the Oasis lounge, and British Airways Executive Club lounge. At international terminal you can easily find out the duty free shops, bank, ATM, money exchange services and a post office. Many of the quality restaurants and cafes are also available at the airport.

Transportation Services

The airport is located about 22 km in the northwest direction from the city center of Lagos, and the safest and easy way to travel from airport to Lagos city is to use taxi service. The yellow colour taxi are easily available on just outside of the terminal. Always checkout the driver license and his ID before using the taxi, while the road conditions of the Lagos city are also not so good and your journey will take around 40 to 60 minutes depending upon traffic jams.

Hotels Information

For international standard facilities you can reserve your room in Sheraton International Hotel, which is located at just 5 minute drive from the Lagos Airport. Other main hotels near to airport includes Blue Lodge Hotel and Lagos Airport Hotel, while you can take reservation information from customer service desk at airport.