Lagos Travel Guide & Information

Lagos Travel Guide & Information

Lagos, a port and also the most thickly settled town in African country has long been called a primary traveler destination. At one time the capital of Nigeria, Lagos nowadays, is a vast metropolis and is beaked joined of the quickest growing cities in Africa. Spread over many massive islands on a colossal lagune, the solid ground is close to the Gulf of Guinea, metropolis is Nigeria’s principal business and cultural center.

Things to Do In Lagos Museums:

Lagos is home to some tremendous museums representational process the city’s past and present. National Museum: in central urban center Island, homes a number of finest bronze sculptures and ivory carvings created by the dominion of Benin. One in all the outstanding exhibits at the repository is that the Government of Yesterday and these days gallery. The gallery displays data concerning Nigeria’s post-colonial generals, presidents and military rulers.

Where to Stay In Lagos


Lagos offers guests low-cost hotels. 4-Star Hotels below $99, 5-star resorts, quaint inns and different sorts of hotels. Urban center Mainland: the general public board and visit the terra firma. The terra firma is home to most of urban center industries moreover. The world is understood for its music and nightlife. In recent years the island has become a favorite spot for nightlife attractions. Many airlines are operating different cheap flights to Lagos to attract more and more people to this city.


When To Visit Lagos

Lagos is creating its mark as a megacity with common attractions all around the year. However, the foremost common time to go to is throughout the time of year. Budget travelers would possibly need to travel throughout the season. Although the climate isn’t good, it’s easier to book cheaper flights and cheaper hotel rates.

Lagos Weather

Lagos encompasses a tropical grassland climate, kind of like the rest of Southern Federal Republic of Nigeria. There are 2 rainy seasons, with the heaviest rains falling from April to July and a milder time of year from October and Nov. city encompasses a temporary, comparatively dry spell in August and September, and a extended season from December to March.