Landmarks of Australia

Landmarks of Australia

Australia and its Landmarks is among one of the best places in the world where exploration of natural beauty is outstanding. Either tropical rainforest in north east, mountain ranges in east, south east and south west and dry deserts which lies in the center .In fact every location and landmark in Australia has its unique identity and attraction. When you read about Australia or travel, you will never forget humorous and long-time favorite Islands like Tasmania Island, Kangaroo Island, Fraser Island, Phillip, Hamilton, Green Islands and lot more and that is why Australia is known as Continent of Islands. One of the other important and amazing aspect of Australia is the Landmarks of Australia and whenever you will see these natural splendors then you will feel a sensational and spiritual joy. Here are some important location and reasons to travel these Landmarks.


Uluru is the rock formation of a large sandstone present in the northern territory of central Australia. It is located about 450 kilometers by road from largest town Alice Springs. Travelling to Uluru afternoon is really good because you will see ochre-brown colour, pitted by dark shadows at that time. Yet there are some issues on climbing Uluru by its traditional owners, climbing activities are still done by some visitors. For this purpose chain handhold are added by officials for hour-long climb easier. It is one of the amazing adventurous site in the world for climbers.

Port Arthur (Tasmania)

Port Arthur (Tasmania) had a great importance and significant heritage in the history of Australia. As Port Arthur was a British penal colony in the past and a lot of incidents and stories belong to it, especially visitor’s attention to this site due to archaeological studies and history of Australia. Open air Museum, Harbour Cruise, Convict Study Centre, Gallery and Dockyard sites make Port Arthur a perfect place to travel. Major steps have been taken for preservation of Port Arthur sites which make easy for travelers to see and visit all these sites.

Kangaroo Island (South Australia)

Stunning sceneries and wildlife surrounds Kangaroo Island gives a lot of pleasure and interest to tourists. The fabulous parks like Flinders Chase National Park and Seal Bay Conservation Park is a great charming point and full of enthusiasm for children’s. It had a rich history and Heritage and Island was first mapped by a French explorer Nicolas Badin just after British explorer Matthew Flinders. Eye attraction scenes with rare bird life, lot of kangaroos and you will feel that this island is like an open zoo without fences .At nights you will love to desire to sleep in the countryside.